I’m a Quadruple Threat, but He Loves Me Anyway

Everyday, it is more apparent to me how individual my children are and I am constantly running behind them trying to adjust. It makes life quite exciting, but sometimes I have to figure out different ways to handle the many milestones they reach in life. Canyon is two and was still using a paapaa, wearing diapers, hanging off of the front of my body for comfort, and sleeping in mommy and daddy’s bed less than four months ago.

During that time, we lost the paapaa twice. Really! After suffering through nights and a couple of hours during the day of him missing his paapaa, Canyon finally realized it wasn’t coming back and became comfortable living life without it. Surprisingly, I did find the “lost” paapaa a few weeks later, but if you’ve ever weaned a child from a pacifier, then you know you’re not going to create a situation where weaning in necessary again. I held onto it for a few weeks afterwards and almost gave in and returned it to him, but finally chunked it into the garbage. Good riddance!

One week before our road trip, something came over me and I decided it was time for him to be free from diapers. I wanted a little freedom too from the occasional guilt I felt having never tried cloth diapers on him although my mother raised me as a cloth diaper wearing baby. I’m not sure if he was really ready, but Canyon quickly jumped on board because, well, he had no other choice. He was trained in one week and only needed training pants at night when he went to bed.

Early this morning, I began prepping Canyon for his next major step; sleeping in his own bed. It has been ready for him for months and he even “helped” put it together even though he had no intention of using it at the time. He was also quite proud to say that is was his bed, but when asked where he was going to sleep would respond, “in mommy and daddy’s bed.” Well, mommy and daddy want their bed for two back and it’s time for Canyon to enjoy his bed for one.

He was put on notice today and told that he would be sleeping in his own bed tonight. Canyon took the news rather well and there was no more conversation about it.

Lily offered some soothing words and River shared his cherished train blanket and also tucked Canyon in before he went to bed. Although Canyon cried for a while (a while, a while, a while…did I mention a while?) and I spent about one hour lying next to him, he finally settled down and went to sleep. Crib mattresses are not made for mommies. I hope to wake up tomorrow morning and be able to rejoice for him successfully sleeping one night in his own bed. There was a little breastfeeding, but I believe he’s on his way.

I’ve lost his paapaa, found it, didn’t return it to him, and threw it away…made him spend hours on the toilet…kicked him out of my bed…and am slowly removing a sense of comfort, and through it all, he still loves me. There is something so special about being a mommy!

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5 Responses to “I’m a Quadruple Threat, but He Loves Me Anyway”

  • Comment from trisha

    WOW! You are moving through the stages. Its really cool to watch them grow and gain independence, but it is sad.


  • Comment from Louise

    Wow that’s a lot of great accomplishments ! Way to go Mamma !!

  • Comment from Divina

    Behold my future! Thanks for the post I will try to remember this in a couple of years.

  • Comment from bonggamom

    Way to go little man! Now that he doesn’t have his paci, he’ll be leaning on your for comfort even more…. which is how we moms like it anyway, right?

  • Comment from Jennifer

    Hi! Look at him go!! My oldest son was like that, we did one thing right after another and it seemed to work fairly well. EXCEPT for the sleeping in his own bed, we are still battling that one. :0

    By the way, cute blog. I found your link @ 3kidsandus.com. Happy Tuesday! God bless!!

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