Snaggle Tooth

My father use to call us Snaggle Tooth whenever we lost a tooth. It’s one of the many, many creative names my father has given his children over the years. It is one that has just stuck and may explain why I also have given my children so many nicknames. Lily had at least five before the age of one and we decided to stop calling her those nicknames to ensure she knew what was her real name.

I’ve been called Snaggle Tooth a couple of times. My siblings have been called it a few times themselves. Now, it’s Lily’s turn. Really, right now, I think we could call her just about anything and she wouldn’t care and probably wouldn’t hear us over her running around and screaming, “I lost my tooth. I lost my tooth!” So far, she’s not talking any funnier, but she still says a lot of funny things.

Lily’s excitement hasn’t settle yet, even almost four hours later since the tooth fell out. I don’t remember being as excited about losing my teeth. She’s been dancing and singing songs all morning about losing her tooth. She is very creative with the songs. I can hear my mother laughing now.

The tooth has already been lost a second time, first out of her mouth, and then in a pile of popcorn of all places. I had her store it somewhere safe to prevent a third loss. Looking for a lost tooth isn’t as entertaining as it may sound.

I wonder if the Tooth Fairy will be visiting this week.

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3 Responses to “Snaggle Tooth”

  • Comment from angie

    When one of the kids lose their front teeth we always call them snaggle tooth as well. She looks great with the cute gap!

  • Comment from browngirl

    Ah yes, we use snaggle tooth also. And she lost the same tooth my son did. I always thought the tooth loss started at the top. Anyway, my son has another working its way out, next to the one he already lost. Thanks for stopping by my spot. I love your site!

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