A Room to Call Our Own


The only problem with going on vacation while your home is being renovated is that you miss a lot of really cool before, during, and after shots of all of the work that is done. I couldn’t wait for our bedroom to get finished and while the children and I were out of the house and not underfoot of my Honey, he ripped up the old carpet, laid new sub-floor, and laid the new hardwood floors. Again, they are beautiful!


We had to wait a few days for the polyurethane to dry between coats. Honey used a new brand with a lower VOC and the floors ended up looking like you could go swimming in the shine. It was such a miraculous difference that he’s considering going over the flooring that is already done, which includes two rooms and the hallway. That is how much better it looks.


Are you excited for me yet? I am because now, our master bedroom is complete (as far as flooring), the only thing is that now my work begins. Here is our walk-in closet that is so pretty, pretty so much that we’re considering leaving the door off. I can’t decide. For now, I just like looking at it.

The work: Everything looks new in its new paint, new flooring, new experience kind of way. The only thing is that now I have to hang up and possibly iron the clothes that are to hang in this closet. I’m going to have to neatly fold all of the shirts, etc. that are to be placed on the shelves so it doesn’t look like a large junk closet. I’m going to have store summer clothes when the season is over, replace them with winter clothes, and then repeat when that season is over because all of our things won’t fit in the closet; or, I guess I could give some things away and keep only what we really use. Are you excited for me yet? I’m still excited because our new bedroom is totally cool. Honey did a fabulous job!


Kids and open areas. There is something about the space that makes them just go wild.


Canyon thought this new area was just for fun and games; his own private little play area. It’s a play area alright, but it’s Mommy and Daddy’s little play area.


I kept trying to warn him that it wasn’t the play area he thought is was.


I can tell by the look on his face that he didn’t believe me. Why would he think that Mommy would lie?


He didn’t listen and instead continued running around, having fun, you know doing the things that kids do.


Well, when he turned his back for a minute, we decided to move quickly.


Since he wouldn’t listen, to bump him into reality, we stuck this bed in the middle of the room.

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