When Things Get a Little Easy, I Have to Shake It Up


I’ve been a blogger for a little over one year. I started writing about green issues and realized that I had finally found my platform and decided to write about other topics of interests that included homeschool, frugal living, and cooking. Since the beginning, I’ve started at least six blogs, combined a few, separated them, stopped blogging completely, and then decided, again, to combine my interests. This journey has brought me to Milk & Honey Mommy.

Well, after one month of getting back to it all, I am ready for more change and during the month of June will be revamping my blog to be a little more directed as well as continue writing about things that interest me and hope at some time you too will find an interest in what I like to write about.

The reason it will take the entire month is because I decided to make these changes only days before I head out on vacation for two weeks. Why am I doing this? It’s only because I like to shake it up, create difficult deadlines for myself, and enjoy wringing my hands when they’re not plucking away on my keyboard.

So, I hope you’ll stay w/me, continue reading, try a few recipes, and share your thoughts whenever something I write sparks your interest.

One other thing is that if you’re a subscriber (E-mail or reader), then I will also ask for you to resubscribe to my NEW FEED (NOT YET!!!) so you don’t miss anything new; plus, I don’t want to lose you. I think you’ll not want to miss a thing.

If I’ve left you totally confused, then just go here. See you there!

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