Road Dogs


1. My parents flew from CA to meet us in TN.
2. We left TN and drove straight through to IL.
3. After spending four days in Chicago, we picked up another passenger (my sister) and then headed to GA.
4. We spent one night in Atlanta and a few hours in Newnan and then headed to AL.
5. We spent one day in AL.
6. Headed from AL to GA.
7. It was time to go home, but not before stopping in MS.
8. HOME!!! HOME!!! HOME!!
9. :( My parents and sister returned to CA.


Although we had directions, She directed me to drive out of my way which added almost two hours to our trip. We could have done that ourselves with the several potty breaks and food stops we made.


We have logged over 2000 driving miles, spent almost 40 hours in our car, and experienced much during our twelve days on the road if you consider


the friends we made


the cold summer Chicago days that reminded me of San Francisco


catching Chicago theatre at its best


digging for dinosaurs


reminiscing with my mother


hanging out with cousins


well, just a few cousins because we have so many



my parents catching up with old friends


revisiting the past


satisfying a guilty pleasure


trying something new


and picking up a few family heirlooms.


It may have all been just a little too exciting, but it was a lot of fun.

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4 Responses to “Road Dogs”

  • Comment from Rana

    Family road trips are the best. Your van looks like ours on a trip. The kids look so cute and peaceful sleeping. There is nothing better than visiting with family. Hope you all had a good time.


    Rana’s last blog post..Off the Chain!

  • Comment from Allison Weston

    Love your pictures! Sounds like you had a fun trip. We have talked about taking a longer road trip for awhile, but never got up the nerve. It looks like fun!

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