It’s Like I Always Knew Ya


When it comes to making friends, Lily is shy, but then again, not really. Sometimes, she’ll hang by my side rather than joining the group and other times she’ll leave a play area waving goodbye to a few new friends.

When we arrived in Chicago at our aunt’s home, it was early in the afternoon and the weather was wonderful. Although we had just spent almost twelve hours riding up the highway, they still had energy to burn and wanted to play. She noticed two little girls playing outside in their front yard, but was hesitant to say anything to them. Lily kept glancing over at them as they did the same, so I encouraged her to go and introduce herself. She walked over to them, occasionally peeking back at me, as I sat watching expectantly with excitement for her.


After all of the hard work of introductions was done, River joined the group. It wasn’t long before their group of four became a lively, playful bunch of ten as the children started appearing from up and down the block.


The girls started swapping stories as they chatted away like old school friends catching up after a time of separation. River chimed in every once in a while with an amusing story of his own.


I don’t care what anyone says, but boys and girls are just different. River found a friend and they made their own introduction which required few words before a connection was made.


I’m certain they’ve met before because they played with such ease together.


But I knew that wasn’t possible and to them, it just didn’t matter.


There was a comedian in the group and she kept everyone laughing.


Give her another ten years and she may find herself at The Second City.


What defines a friendship? It doesn’t always take years to build one. Sometimes, it can develop over the course of just a few hours.

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