What is Your Potential?


I did a lot of cleaning this week. As I was putting in another load of laundry into the dryer, I had to laugh. When we bought our washer and dryer set, I had to have everything; all of the features. My husband answered my request and bought me the top of the line. We have had the set for more than three years and I still use the same three buttons I’ve always have since receiving the set. Between the washer and dryer, I have 14 wash cycles, five spin and wash combinations, can custom program drying times, and so many other features that I have no idea how to use. I never opened the manual to read and learn how to use all of the features I just had to have.

We want to receive the best and want to experience the best. When we get it, we either take it for granted and never use it to its fullest or sit back, not use it at all and wonder what it would have been like if only we had. On my 40th birthday, I lamented how I didn’t want to turn 50 knowing what I knew at 40 and never having done anything about it. I figured I was getting a little too old to be saying “If only I’d known.”

I wonder, at this time in my life, what is my potential? There are some things that I obviously will never do like win an Olympic medal, birth 15 children (not that I want to), or become a member of the CIA, which would have probably been totally cool. On the other hand, there are some things I can still do like compete in the Iron Man (but may settle for a marathon), be the best wife and mother, continue my green and natural journey, become debt-free, and strengthen my spiritual life. Fortunately, my life has no manual. What I mean by that is my potential is not written down or set in stone anywhere. It lies in what I am willing to do to arrive at that point wherever it is.

Did Barack Obama ever dream of being the first biracial black president? Did Sonia Sotomayor ever dream of being a nominee for the Supreme Court?. How about Michael Phelps? I would have been impressed with winning one gold medal, but congratulations to him. I’m sure he hasn’t reached his full potential.

I’m curious to know what my potential is. I guess I’ll have to get up from the sidelines and start working towards finding out.

I’m Curious: What goal(s) have you been putting off?

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