Reclaiming My Bed

Is it too much to ask for my husband and me to have our bed to ourselves? Our children love sleeping in our bed. On most nights, they start in their beds after already asking several times if they can sleep in our bed. Some days, I start early in the day with my, “no!” I might as well get ready because I know they are going to ask. Other times, we’ll let them start in our bed and move them later, but they always manage to make their way back into our bed.

I don’t mind them sleeping in our bed. It is just that I have a more enjoyable sleeping experience without a nubby knee in my back or being backhanded in my face or on the back of my head. I guess I’m funny that way.

When Lily was born, she contracted RSV, so I kept her in bed with us every night because I wanted to be sure she was okay. I wanted to hear her breathe and be there in case something happened. Every night continued until she was almost 16 months old. That was quite different from her older brother River who I booted out at the early age of two months. He did make it back every once in a while, but he was able to go to sleep fine on his own at that age. The transition for Lily went well too, but I had to spend a few nights sleeping on the floor next to her bed.

Well, we still have a permanent sleeper in our bed because Canyon sleeps next to me every night. He is two and I have a feeling it will be a little more difficult getting him out of our bed. Canyon has slept for a few hours in what will eventually become his bed. I haven’t pushed his move, but it does make for a tight fit in a bed that can comfortably sleep the three of us, but was purchased to accommodate two (mommy and daddy). As you see, every once in a while it lends itself to five.

I’m Curious: Do you still have sleepers in your bed? If not, did you ever and when did you kick-them out?

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3 Responses to “Reclaiming My Bed”

  • Comment from Rana

    Oh my goodness yes we still have our 6 year old twins in our bed. We start out in there beds and then they end up in our bed and sometimes in the middle of the night I will move them back to their beds(if I’m not to comatosed).

    All I have to say on this is eventually they will stay in their own beds. I stopped climbing in with my mom and dad when I was seven. I think my little sister was 8.

    Thank you for your thoughts on my blog. You have beautiful kids. I will keep in touch.

  • Comment from Lisa

    All kids are different.
    My 6-yo is a deep sleeper and has always been content in his own bed. My 22 mo, on the other hand, co-slept as an infant and then whenever she had a cold or wasn’t feeling well, and with an older brother who was in preschool at the time, seemed to be quite often. She falls asleep well in her own bed but wakes up in the middle of the night and comes into our room nearly every night wanting to crawl into our bed in order to fall back asleep. And although we miss having the bed (and uninterrupted sleep!) to ourselves, we let her because we know she won’t be this little and wanting to snuggle up in between us forever.
    So, for now we lay on the very edges of the bed because she usually ends up laying horizontally with her feet in one of our faces.

  • Comment from Tiffani

    My husband and I made it a point when we began having kids that none of them could sleep in the bed. It was not a fight that we wanted to fight. Besides, we had my son’s crib in our room right beside the bed. Geez wasn’t that enough privacy stolen?

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