Preparation is Everything


We finally got the old underlayment pulled up and removed. Everyone had their hand in something whether it was rolling up their sleeves and removing the underlayment or just standing back and out of the way taking pictures. I got the easy job of taking the pictures. I always get to take pictures. We really need to find the charger for River’s camera.


The original underlayment, more than 20 years old, was made of particle board and laid with just a few nails for placement. Honey, Please Fix-It decided to do it right this time and used real wood and enough nails to secure it in case of a tornado (Oh no! Do they have tornados here?), an earthquake (Oh, that was the last state in which we lived.), or a hurricane (Oh no! Do they have hurricanes here?). I feel sorry for the next Honey, Please Fix-It who will be coming behind him to replace the flooring another 30 years from now. Mine is just happy it won’t be him.


One challenge of the prepping for laying the flooring was cutting trim along the baseboard so the new flooring would fit underneath it. River and Lily were eager to try their hand at sawing. First, a manual saw was used and some progress was made. Canyon, wanted a turn, but he has a few more years of life and tool management to earn before he gets to handle sharp tools. Honey, Please Fix-It saw the larger picture and realized a little early in the cutting that using a manual saw was going to add more hours to what could be a really easy job.

After going a second round of turns, River and Lily too realized that although doing things manually may build strength and character, this was no time to learn either one of those lessons.


It was time to bring in the big dog. The electrical saw that eventually saved the day…the night…the week.


Canyon wasn’t able to saw with either the manual or electrical saw. When this happens, you’ve got to watch out for the little people. Sometimes, just to belong, they bring unauthorized tools to the job site.


With the underlayment placed, it is now time. Back it in buddy! Here comes the oak wood flooring!

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  • Comment from Rana

    New flooring how exciting! We did that last fall in our kitchen only my husbands uncle put it in for us. And of course my husband, even though he wasn’t doing most of the work had to go to the local Home Depot and buy a new power tool. No project can be started without a new tool.

    Your little helpers look cute!

  • Comment from Milk & Honey Mommy


    I guess buying a new power tool for a husband is like a wife receiving one dozen roses; priceless.

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