Our Not So Big House

nbs00xWe have been in our home for almost two months and we are still living out of boxes. Really, there is no excuse, but then there sort of is one; many. Our house needed renovation before we actually settled in and fortunately Honey, Please Fix-It does this work professionaly, so it was never an issue of who would do the work. The question is the time. What we wanted to take just a few months, as with most renovations, is going to take just a few more. So we have resolved to taking our time and doing it right. The children will also get to participate, learning along the way, and we will just enjoy this family effort of making this house our home.

Honey, Please Fix-It has always wanted to build a house from the ground up. So far, each move we’ve made has only allowed him the opportunity to at least paint, build a few built-ins, make some furniture, and also make necessary repairs whenever needed. Can you believe that I didn’t know he could do half the construction things he knows how to do? Before we were married, I knew he worked in construction, but I didn’t realize what that really meant. I’m definitely keeping him.

With each move, we get closer to his dream being realized, but we were talking the other day and laughing because he may be a 65 year old man building that dream home. I have nothing against 65 year old men building homes. It is just that we hoped the dream would be realized a little earlier in our lives.

Now, we’re just thankful to have a roof over our heads and it is a mighty nice one, but there is a lot of work for us to do to get it where we just don’t like it, but really love it and will be able to enjoy it until (or if) Honey, Please Fix-It ever gets to build his dream home.

Having Honey, Please Fix-It along the way with his expertise, vision, and love of daring paint colors like I like, three children who are only too eager to “help,” the excitement of putting together new rooms, days of flipping through design books, a valid excuse to watch HGTV almost 24-hours/day are just a few perks of this project. What is truly special is that we will be able to say we did this together as a family.

Periodically, I will update you on our progress. Here is a little to let you know from where we are starting.

This is the damaged carpet that needed to be immediately replaced. We love hardwood floors and knew we were going to add them eventually in our home. Since this was damaged beyond repair (worn and fragranced with dog urine), we decided that the eventual was now. Pets. You’ve got to love them.

Before we started, we made sure we had a few things to make the project begin and continue without a hitch (Is that possible?) It’s necessary to always wear the proper safety gear.

The next thing you need are some really committed helpers.

And lastly, a lot of creativity!

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