Moving Right Along

You give a man some tools and he can work magic. I love watching him work. It’s exciting for many reasons, but what I can mention here is that it gives me free reign to continue adding to his fix-it list because I know he can do the work. I know I need to be patient, but his list is growing. Perfection must not be rushed.


He had a big, huge, really, really big smile on his face when he brought this home. Now, this is a staple gun and it’s really loud, but it works.


This mallet is what you use to pound the staple gun as well as the wood slats into place. The slats fit together like a 100 piece jigsaw puzzle. Not too many pieces, but definately there is an art as to how you fit the pieces together.


The sandman cometh except there was no time to rest because there was work to be done. If you look closely along the dotted line, then you can see the sanded side vs. the gonna be sanded side.


This floor was almost too pretty and really didn’t need anymore dressing up, but I’m always for a little overkill. Plus, it was the moment I’d been waiting for…


Shiny, happy people be free! It was time to create that spectacular hard wood finish gleam.


We decided after five coats and 1 1/2 days that the floor had reached our desired shine and now it was time for it to cure. Ugh! The waiting is absolutely unbearable.

A side note: You may have noticed the bright yellow color on the walls. Well, this is the true color of the paint. The paint color, a.k.a. Golden Glow or #213-4 is one of our more subtle colors throughout our house. We are a colorful family. White walls never really fit into this project.

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