Making the Cut


Children are victims of their parents. Although they don’t realize it, their only hope is that we don’t totally embarrass them to the point where looking through a family album makes them cry about being alive. Canyon is 2 ½ and still has his baby hair. He has not yet had his first real haircut and up to this point, I wasn’t sure if he would ever be having “the cut.”

River came to this same point in his life right before the age of two. I was also hesitant to allow his little curls to be cut because I wanted to preserve the innocence that everything baby about him represented. He never complained about the length of his hair, but I finally got to the point where it was tiring having people confuse him with being a girl. I also wanted to put an end to the occasional, “all-inquiring-minds-want-to-know” question of “When are you going to get his hair cut?,” being posed to me by more than just family members. I’m not sure why people felt they deserved a timeline of my child’s hair maintenance.

As a new mother, I didn’t necessarily feel pressured, but I thought it was time to allow my baby to finally grow up. Wow! What a difference a haircut made. River went from a little baby boy to a cute, little young man. The change was amazing and I was actually happy that it had finally been done. Now, I stay on top of Honey, Please Fix-It to be sure it doesn’t get too long before he cuts it again.

On one of the haircut weekends, I released Canyon to get his hair cut. I’m not really sure if time ran out or what happened, but he managed to make it out alive without getting his hair cut. That was it. Was it a sign from God? Probably not, but I figure the opportunity was lost. Fortunately, Honey, Please Fix-It isn’t pressuring me and has assured me he will wait until I give the signal before any buzzing goes on. Also, this time around, I’m stronger, confident, and more tolerant of the “girlie confusion” even though he’s wearing traditional boy clothes; stripes, stripes, and more stripes. People, are you looking at my child? He’s a boy!

I know he will have “the cut” some day, but I am finding the thought more difficult to accept and each day his hair continues to grow a little longer. Why am I holding on at the expense of my son? I don’t know, which definitely isn’t a good answer. I just hope when we sit down and are looking through our family albums, he just smiles and remembers how much his Mommy loves him.

I’m Curious: How old was your child when you made “the cut?” Was it your decision or were you coerced into allowing your baby to grow up?

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