Making New Friends


Before we moved, we had four cats. Before we moved, one of the four passed away. We prayed and buried Peter. The children did well during the transition from four to three cats and they often talked about Peter. He was very loving and would run in the yard with them like a dog would as did Paul and Martha. Tracey was a little older and preferred spending her time alone.

It was a difficult decision, but it was decided that Paul, Martha, and Tracey would do better remaining in the area where we used to live because they enjoyed wide open areas for running, going anywhere they pleased, and although somewhat domesticated (cat pans and indoor food) they were country cats.

Literally, days before we moved, an angel stepped in and took them home as her own with excited children expectantly waiting to love them just as our children had loved them. Even mildly grumpy Tracey perked up and responded to her new “mommy” and off they went.

The resilience of children is amazing. We explained that the cats were going to a new home. They asked a few questions and then ran off to play. I believe that Honey, Please Fix-It and me had more regrets about leaving the cats than the children did. The children are moving on with the next stage of our lives, which has been quite a blessing for my husband and me. So far, most everyone we have met here knows we had cats and Lily and River explain, in a matter of fact way, that they weren’t able to come. Conversation over.


In walks Spot. He came around the first week we were here and the children were delighted. Spot follows them around the yard and after a day of play, heads home or goes visiting with another neighbor. Over the past few weeks, Spot has shown up every morning either on the back patio or in the carport waiting for someone to come out and play.

Although his real home is down the street at a neighbor’s house, he appears to have adopted our family. I’m not sure how long he’ll stay because I refuse to give him food. The visits are fine and I want to keep it that way. Between Lily asking if he can come inside and Spot slipping inside of our house, which he has done twice, there is some cohooting going on and I’m onto it. I’m glad Lily has found a new friend and I believe Spot is just a little pleased himself.


Lily told me this morning that she dreamed we had a dog. I wonder where this is going.

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