A Life Unleashed


We enjoy going for walks in our neighborhood. Our school days use to start with an early morning walk after breakfast. Since our move, the weather in our new part of the map is a little more chaotic, so we walk when we can. Even today, while we were walking, the sky kept teasing us by periodically dripping raindrops and casting threatening storm clouds above. We didn’t let the drops stop us and before we returned home the sun was shining brightly.


Our walk started out pretty normal with everyone walking as usual, but eventually the three children started finding quite a few distractions along the way that turned our walk into a walk-stop-stop-stop-walk-run-stop experience. When I set out walking with them, I know they are going to be curious and want to check out everything, but today seemed to be a little more than usual.



Each time we’ve set out walking, we meet people in our neighborhood. As the newbies here, everyone is extremely friendly and I figure a few more walks during the next couple of months will put us on friendship status with just about everyone here.



Today, our friends were furry. One “friend” scurried to get away from us as quickly as he could.


This one, we weren’t able to shake. When we walked past his house, he was napping comfortably and raised his head as he watched us go by. He was a sneaky one because I didn’t really notice him following us until I turned around and saw him lurking a few houses back, following us like a bumbling detective. When he realized I noticed him, I guess he figured that was permission to continue along with us and he quickened his pace.

He looked relatively safe, but I still told the children to ignore him and not make eye contact. Now, if that had been me – people ignoring me, avoiding eye contact – I would have gotten a clue, but (we’ll call him Buster) Buster took that as an open invitation to continue along with us.

I have issues with people walking and allowing their dogs to follow along w/o a leash. It is just like having a rowdy child and the parent never steps in to discipline them. You know how unleashed dogs go just about anywhere they want. This might explain why he was following us and he wouldn’t drop back or just go back home. Every once in a while, he would stray into the yard of one of the houses we passed and then quicken his pace to catch up with us as if he were part of our group. A few of the neighbors were outside and I’m sure some of them probably mistook us for the rowdy bunch because we allowed “our” dog to run through their yard unleashed and without discipline. I’m so glad he didn’t decide to relieve himself.


Once we rounded the corner and neared our house, he instinctively got the message. He walked on our lawn, sniffed our driveway, and realized he wasn’t at home. At that, he cocked his head, looked around for somewhere else to go, and then continued down the road; probably on his way home.

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