Good Morning, God {review}

When we sat and read through Good Morning, God, I saw my little boy running through all of the pages. As you might know, Canyon recently turned four and he, just as the little boy in this book, is busy, busy, and more busy. Davis Carman has penned a wonderful book that is dedicated to […]

Peterson Directed Handwriting – It’s All About Rhythm Baby {review}

Next to how my children hold their eating utensils, how they hold their writing utensils is right up there as a very important skill. I guess you can tell it’s quite fun living with and learning from me. There is something about holding either wrong that reminds me of one using the English language incorrectly […]

Travel the World! {Review}

Even though we are still traveling across the United States of America, it is always nice to come across an international study curriculum. When we finish our domestic trek, I am going to be ready to start our international travel around the world and finding the right curriculum to continue our geography study is already […]

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