The Pole Meeting

“Speak for your servant is listening!” 1 Samuel 3:10 We’ll meet you at the pole, flagpole that is, along with several other thousand young people (elementary through college) across the country to pray. Have you ever stood still and listened for a word from God? More than 15 years ago, a group of teens listened […]

Book Nook: The Eleventh Hour

Who doesn’t love a great birthday party? I’m always up for a birthday party because I love cake. In The Eleventh Hour, you get an elephant that can cook the pants off of Martha Stewart, princess dressing swans, mystery, intrigue, and oh yeah, let’s not forget the cake. Horace the elephant is turning eleven, which […]

Experiment of the Week

A few years ago, before I started homeschooling, I received a free copy of Bubbles, Rainbows, and Worms. It was originally published in 1981. When it comes to science and history books, I’m usually cautious about older publishing dates because many times the information may be too antiquated and not as useful as a currently […]

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