Progeny Press: Treasure Island {TOS review}

Progeny Press is a business run by homeschoolers Michael and Rebecca Gilleland, who “believe in looking at the world clearly and openly with the Bible firmly in hand,” and want to assist other homeschoolers in educating in the same manner. For more than 20 years, their focus has been on creating Christian-based study guides to […]

Homeschool Library Builder {TOS review}

Homeschool Library Builder was started more than one decade ago by homeschool mom Diane McKee who has a great love of literature written for children and young adults. Her desire was to help others nurture and develop that same love she had for great literature by offering books at affordable prices. She started her store […]

Educating the WholeHearted Child – A Go-To Guide for Christian Home Educators {TOS review}

I think we all have at least one book that is like gold. Someone, of course someone who you can’t remember, mentioned it to you as a book that you should own. Regretfully (because I would love to thank the person), I do not remember the person, but I did take their advice and buy […]

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