Kinderbach {TOS review} – private lessons at home

Music has been on our schedule for a while and I am determined to make it happen and be a part of our curriculum this school year. We are a musically inclined family (ex: singing, players of homemade instruments, etc.), but the children have not taken formal lessons to learn how to play any one […]

Music Together {TOS review)

I have got entertaining people in my family. Although, there is a lot of drama, music usually wins as the favorite choice of artistic expression. We have not given music a great amount of attention in school, but that is alright. It hasn’t stopped the love of it or the attempt to “create it” from […]

Mr. Pipes and the British Hymn Makers {TOS review}

History and English high school teacher, Douglas Bond, has authored 20 books, which are not only for adult enjoyment, but also include his children series Mr. Pipes. The series introduces children (recommended for seventh through tenth grades) to the history of Christian hymns. Incorporating church history, biographies of famous and lessor known British hymn authors […]

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