IXL {TOS review}

We reviewed IXL, an online program math and language arts program geared towards children in kindergarten through twelfth grades. When it comes to academic curriculum, online options were always my last option when it came to curriculum. I did not want my child sitting in front of the computer spending endless hours glaring at the […]

UberSmart Math Facts {TOS review}

We reviewed UberSmart Math Facts created by UberSmart Software. I love all of the new “fandangled” computer and online programs that I have to choose from for using with my children to further their education. Some have just enough activity along with the material the children are supposed to learn, while others go overboard. UberSmart […]

Mathletics by 3P Learning {TOS review}

We reviewed Mathletics by 3P Learning. When I learned that we may have an opportunity to review another 3P Learning product, I already knew that it would be something my children would enjoy. Several TOS cruises before, we reviewed Reading Eggs, which is another one of their online learning programs. To this day, my children […]

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