Dig-It! Games: Mayan Mysteries {TOS review}

Online games can be fun. Dig-It! Games not only gives your child that opportunity, but also provides a learning experience along the way. In its game Mayan Mysteries, which was launched in 2012 and is available online or as an iPad app, users are set in the middle of a mystery that needs solving and […]

Homeschool in the Woods {TOS review}

I have read much about Home School in the Woods, but always shied away from the curriculum, because we just aren’t lapbook kind of people. I should probably clarify and say that mommy isn’t really a lapbook kind of person. Despite that, the many times I’ve visited the Home School in the Woods website, there […]

Abraham’s Journey: A Celebration of the American Dream {TOS review}

Many still come to America because of the hope of achieving the American Dream that includes success, social status and a future of a lifetime of wealth among other things. These are accomplished by determination, diligence, faith and by regardless of who you are. The dream is for all people to achieve. Robert K. Basmadjian, […]

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