Mathematical Reasoning – “I think, therefore I am.” {TOS review}

I like to watch my children think. Seeing them take information in, process it, and then “spit out” what they have figured is a lot of fun. I will admit that sometimes, they get a little too smart alecfor me, but it is just their minds hard at work; “getting better…stronger…faster (70’s flashback).” I have […]

ZeeZok – Learning through the Movies {TOS Review}

Although, we don’t watch much television, we are movie watchers at our home. Let me clarify, every Friday night is Family Movie Night in our home and we watch something as a family. Every once in a while, a silly movie might sneak into the bunch, but usually our movie choices include something that is […]

Tri-Cross by Games for Competitors {review}

Our family game nights have gotten a little more exciting and challenging with the addition of the board game Tri-Cross which takes strategic and critical thinking, and problem solving to a higher level and all along the way creates game-play that is entertaining and fun. WHAT’S IT ABOUT Tri-Cross is a game that has been […]

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