Wizzy Gizmo: Audio Drama One: Who Created Everything? {TOS review}

We reviewed the Audio Drama One: Who Created Everything?, which is published by Wizzy Gizmo. With a title like Wizzy Gizmo, you may not really be sure what to expect. One thing for sure is, with a name like that, there has got to be some kind of fun; and there is fun. Wizzy Gizmo […]

We Choose Virtues: Youth Virtue Journal {TOS review}

How do you teach your child to be virtuous? A simple answer would be to exemplify that type of behavior. “We Choose Virtues…Simply Inspiring Character that Lasts,” is the foundation of the products created by We Choose Virtues, because they realize the task is easier said than done. Heather McMillian has a love for children […]

YWAM Publishing – Christian Heroes: Then & Now Jim Elliot {TOS review}

Youth with a Mission (YWAM) was founded in 1960 and started with the printing of Bible tracts that were distributed at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games. YWAM began printing and distributing books the following year to the Eastern Bloc countries and now distributes more than 2,000 books, CDs and videos world-wide. The books focus on […]

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