Gryphon House: Global Art {TOS Review}

There is no better way to learn more about a country or a foreign place then to dive into its culture through its food, art, customs or history. Global Art manages to accomplish all of those tasks while giving children a better understanding of the people who are represented around the world. Gryphon House is […]

Birdcage Press: Go Fish for Impressionist Artists {TOS review}

Even though we have not completed much art this past school year, I love art. Each school year, my children and I manage to make it to the Memphis Brooks Museum to see current exhibits at least four times a year. If we lived closer, then we would go more frequently. This past school year, […]

Sketch Tuesday: Freezing!

Sketch Tuesday for March 12, 2013: Sketch freezing. What do you think of when you hear the word “freezing?” Well, that was the assigned sketch. These are sketches of what “freezing” conjure in the minds of Canyon, Lily and River:

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