Homeschool Registry

As for homeschooling, my family is on board. I’m not just talking about my children and Darling D, but I mean my mom, dad, sisters, brother, aunts, and uncles; my whole family. I don’t think they ever challenged our decision, which would have made for great debate, but wouldn’t have made any difference. Darling D […]

State Study with From Sea to Shining Sea

Typically, when I teach my children anything, I like to go in order; alphabetical or numerical. I tend to start at the beginning of a text and am hesitant to do anything in later chapters before we actually read through and complete any previous chapters. I’m not sure if I am afraid of breaking the […]

Homeschool View Tube

I couldn’t have picked a better time to become a homeschooler. I’m fashionable – I can wear T-shirts and sweat pants anytime I want, my children are desirable – businesses, colleges and universities are starting to consider homeschoolers viable contributers to the population, and we’re live and on “television” – We now have our own […]

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