River is Eating Books

This is true and I don’t mind it a bit. Actually, I feed him food and he is not really eating books…at least I don’t think so. The thing is that he is reading them faster than I can make it back to the library to borrow more. I like that too. I can remember […]

Independent Notebooks

“Help!” I cry as I struggle to free myself from all of the lesson planning, late night hours, juggling trying to teach three children on three different academic levels, running out of time in a school day, three little people looking at me wondering what to do next, day in and day out and somewhere […]

TOS Schoolhouse Expo

I have not been to a homeschool conference in years. It is not because I don’t like them, but rather because when you live in the middle of nowhere, homeschool conferences are not that easy to get to just any old time. I love walking the aisles and looking at all of the curriculum. There […]

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