A Fieldtrip Remembered: Montna Farms

Originally posted September 2008 on my homeschool blog. Whenever we leave our home, we always pass one rice field or two. I never really thought about it, but we could be passing fields of grain that may later appear on our kitchen table. You have to really be passionate about your work if you’re a […]

A Fieldtrip Remembered: CSRM

We really enjoyed our trip to the California State Railroad Museum (CSRM). Although we are no longer residents, I know there are a lot of California readers out there (I miss you guys) and if you don’t live there and happen to be visiting Sacramento with children (although, children aren’t required), this place is one […]

Let’s Go…Ice Skating

I haven’t been ice skating in one, five, 15 years…let’s just say, it’s been a long time. Many enjoyable hours were spent skating around and around and around at Berkeley Iceland, which sadly is now closed. Efforts are being made to restore this wonderful piece of history, but only time and a whole lot of […]

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