Zane Education {TOS review}

Zane Education states that they realize the importance of investing in the education of children and that they have “The Missing Piece©” (videos with sub-titles and closed caption). Well, they have put together a resourceful website full of videos, quizzes, study tools and lesson plans to aid any teacher in the instruction on just about […]

Mathematical Reasoning – “I think, therefore I am.” {TOS review}

I like to watch my children think. Seeing them take information in, process it, and then “spit out” what they have figured is a lot of fun. I will admit that sometimes, they get a little too smart alecfor me, but it is just their minds hard at work; “getting better…stronger…faster (70’s flashback).” I have […]

Christian Kids Explore Chemistry {TOS review}

Christian Kids Explore Science is an award winning series from Bright Ideas Press. There are four books in the series that include biology, chemistry, earth & science, and physics. The books are Christian-based and that is evident throughout each book as scripture is woven into each lesson. The books are multi-grade and geared toward the […]

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