At Home In Dogwood Mudhole – Volume One: Nothing that Eats {TOS review}

At Home in Dogwood Mudhole Volume One: Nothing That Eats by Franklin Sanders is a narrative that walks readers through the lives of the Sanders family from the years of 1995 through 2002. The book is 379 pages long and is volume one of a series that includes Volume Two: Best Thing We Ever Did, […]

Grace Unplugged and Own It {review}

We all are passionate about something. Some of our passions are more deeply embedded in our hearts than others. Grace Trey is passionate about her love of God and the incredible amount of musical talent that she has been given from Him. The talent is a blessing from God and also a one she received […]

Journeys of Faitfulness {TOS review}

Sarah Clarkson is following well into the footsteps of her mother, Sally Clarkson, who I don’t think you can fail to mention in the same breath. Sarah is the oldest of four children and through her writings, you can see similarities to her mother because of the way she allows the power of God to […]

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