Grace Unplugged and Own It {review}

We all are passionate about something. Some of our passions are more deeply embedded in our hearts than others. Grace Trey is passionate about her love of God and the incredible amount of musical talent that she has been given from Him. The talent is a blessing from God and also a one she received […]

Bash and the Pirate Pig {review}

If you can ever remember taking a summer vacation that led you to a place where you really did not want to go, then you can pull on those memories and imagine how Raymond “Beamer” Boxby felt when he had to spend time on a farm. Raymond enjoys spending time around the house, indoors, playing […]

Susan Marlow’s Goldtown Adventures: Tunnel of Gold {TOS review}

If you want good, wholesome reading for your children, then Susan Marlow books, which are published by Kregel Publications, are ones to add to your child’s collection. Our family was introduced to Marlow a couple of years ago during a review of one of her books in her Circle C Beginnings series, which Lily and […]

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