Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls {TOS review}

We reviewed Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls by New Liberty Videos. The DVD was created for a general audience.

New Liberty Videos Review

New Liberty Videos presents Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls that covers three interwoven topics, Dead Sea Scrolls with Joel Lampe, Hebrew Word Pictures with Dr. Frank Seekins and The Forbidden Book with Dr. Craig Lampe. The video toots the following: “A treasure unearthed over 60 years…Our journey discovers it is 6o minutes.” There is a lot of information that is presented in the 60 minutes, but Lampe, Seekins and Craig manage to leave the viewer with a wealth of knowledge. They also present the topics in a manner that holds your interest. For me, that may be primarily due to my interest in the subject.

Although they could have probably created a DVD that discusses each topic in greater length, the amount of time they spend on their topic makes it more appealing overall, especially if you have younger viewers. There is just enough for you to learn something and not too much to overwhelm you.

New Liberty Videos Review

The Dead Sea Scrolls discusses the background of the scrolls, which were discovered hidden in a cave. It was a while before the discovers realized the value of the find. The scrolls contain history on several pieces that brought clarity once reconstructed.

Hebrew Word Pictures
Dr. Frank Seekins does a good job in his presentation of ancient Hebrew. He is entertaining. Did you know you read Hebrew from right to left. That is one of the points you learn during his presentation. Hebrew is also a picture language and Seekins shares several examples of this process and you are able to see how that process allows the Bible to come to life.

The Forbidden Book
Craig Lampe walks the viewer through the several translations of the forbidden book. it is amazing how many people and the ways in which they sacrificed to bring the Bible to life. If it had not been for the many translations, then so many people would not have come to know of or about God.

The Bible went from a feared and forbidden book to one that was deeply desired. With men like Erasmus, who was born 13 years after the printing press was created. He was the head of Greek studies department at Cambridge University. He was teaching young boys using his Latin version of the testament. Erasmus desired to provide textbooks to the students to use in the classroom and translated the first testament into Greek. Martin Luther came later in 1521 with the same desire. A warrant was issued for his arrest. Luther later translated Erasmus’ Greek/Latin New testament version into German 1522. As a result of the efforts of both men, many became Christians.

William Tyndale also made significant sacrifices to bring the Bible to the people. Tyndale was a 10 year old freshman at Oxford. He left his family and friends to write under Luther. He chose the picture languages of Hebrew and English to write the versions of Bible to share.

My older children (12 and 10) sat together and watched the DVD. We were three people sitting and learning together, because I still consider myself an early biblical learner. We also discussed the value of the Bible and the amount of effort it took to make it one we could easily understand. The DVD provided a good educational experience for my children and me. I cannot imagine life without the book.

The Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls is available on DVD for $19.95.

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