Middlebury Interactive Languages {TOS review}

We reviewed Middlebury Interactive Languages Spanish Elementary Spanish 1: Grades K-2 by Middlebury Interactive Languages geared towards children in grades kindergarten through second without a teacher.


I am one who believes language (foreign or domestic) is something that can and should be taught to children at an early age. Believe it or not, their little minds really can handle it. Of course, you should begin with your native tongue, but adding a foreign language to the learning they experience may do them some good.

Middlebury Interactive Languages offers foreign language learning in four languages that include Chinese, French, German and Spanish. They have curriculum for children in kindergarten through twelfth grades, even offering an AP credit option to high school students. Middlebury Interactive Languages also offers an Arabic language program with eventual consideration as an online option.


Spanish is the only language they offer to kindergarten through second grade students. In the ninth through twelfth grades, German fluency is not offered and AP credit is not offered for Chinese or German in those grades.

It is typical to find a foreign language program for older students (fourth grade and above), but often finding a language program for younger children results in lessons that are extremely elementary or one with lessons for an older student that have been tweaked to appeal to a younger child.

Middlebury Languages is an immersion program that has your child scheduled to complete a one semester course in six months. During this time, the student is introduced to the language and vocabulary, which is done by the presentation of actual stories (legend or myth) from the Spanish culture. Students also play games, sing songs and complete activities to help reinforce what they are learning. There are 35 lessons with the suggestion students work through the material two days per week to finish the course within the semester period. So, there is a little bit of history, social studies and language arts mixed into the learning.

You may see more videos about Middlebury Interactive Languages.


The interactive feature is what makes it so appealing to Canyon (and me). The activities are also fun for him to complete. In the picture above, he was able to color the picture by making the required selections.


You can see how the page is filling with color. The student clicks on the picture, the phrase is stated, the picture colors when clicked on and the student is to say the phrase. This is just an example of some of the interactive activities included in the program.


In the picture above, he was to put the story slides in the sequence in which it occurred. The activities were age-appropriate and challenging enough for him.

Along with the learning instruction for the student, there are some helpful tools for the teacher (parent) too. The Welcome section is very helpful and an area you should go through before your student begins the program.


I was able to print the vocabulary words covered in the different units, either collectively or by individual unit. The English translation is also provided.

Middlebury Interactive Languages has created a program where your younger student may “take control” of his learning experience. Although I sit near, Canyon is able to work through independently clicking through the lessons. The course is self-paced, which allows the student to take his time and not have to worry about keeping up with anyone other than himself.

We will continue using Middlebury Interactive Languages. I do wish, especially for the younger children (K-2), that the one semester was longer than six months, so the student would have time to go through and review and take the program at a slower pace and still be able to finish timely. I guess that is the point of immersion. So, be sure that when you register your student that you are ready to get down to business and learn a foreign language.

Middlebury Interactive Languages Spanish Elementary Spanish 1: Grades K-2 one semester course is available for $119 without a teacher or $294 with a teacher. If your student is as young as mine (seven years old), then I would suggest just purchasing the curriculum without the teacher. If your student is older, like in fifth grade or above (especially in high school), then a teacher would be of great assistance. Your student will have someone to work with him to ensure he is learning properly and also pronouncing the language correctly.

You can read more reviews of this item by fellow crew members on The Homeschool Crew Blog.

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