Apologia Educational Ministries: iWitness Bible study {TOS review}

We reviewed iWitness Biblical Archaeology, New Testament iWitness and Old Testament iWitness, which are written and designed by Doug Powell and published by Apologia Educational Ministries. The books are appropriate for children 11 years old and older.


Whenever I review a product from Apologia, I always feel like I need a disclaimer, because I love Apologia. If the opportunity if presented where we are able to review an item from the company, I pretty much know I am going to like it.

Graphic designer, song writer and Christian apologetics author Doug Powell has created the iWtiness apologetics book series. Currently, there are three books, iWitness Biblical Archaeology, New Testament iWitness and Old Testament iWitness that are in the series.


The Old Testament iWitness gives readers insight into how the Old Testament was developed. Powell also presents contrasts between the Old Testament and Hebrew Bible, while also noting how both books contain the same content, but are arranged differently. I took a Hebrew class in college. This book was similar to some of the lessons we studied. The fact the topic was a college course gives you an idea about the level of the material that is presented. Despite this, Powell has managed to present the material, so that younger children are able to understand too.

The New Testament iWitness gives readers a better understanding of the books in the section and the authors who wrote them. The process was meticulous to ensure the information was properly presented.

In iWitness Bibllical Archaeology, readers learn about archaeological artifacts that help support history revealed in the Bible. Often people need something physical to see to confirm their beliefs (or to believe). Powell presents discussions on many items like the Siloam Inscription (discovered in 1880 Jerusalem); Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser III (discovered 827 BC in Nimrud – Iraq); and the Lachish Letters (discovered 597 BC in Lachish, Israel). Of all of the iWitness books, this one was the most interesting to me, because I did not realize there were so many pieces that exist proving the history spoken of in the Bible as true. I have just used the Bible as a resource for my proof. Powell also includes pictures of many of the artifacts. We also spent some time online looking at additional pictures of some of the artifacts.

If your child likes graphic novels, then he will already be drawn to the books in the series. Each page appears like a collage, as if you are reading over the notes Powell used to write the book. The books are filled with glossy pages that have pictures (some drawings and others, actual pictures) of the covered topic. The use of a variety of fonts helps to break up each section of discussion, so the reader can hone in on what he is reading.

Powell takes pride in the fact he is able to combine his apologetics training and graphic design skills to present advanced ideas in thought that are attractive to all ages. Rather than present “scholarly material” in many pages of text, Powell, takes the information and uses pictures/documents and walks the reader through a journey of the Bible. He explains more about its origin rather than the stories (even though the Bible is not a story of history book) we read and study in the Bible.

Although the books are recommended for children 11 and older, I believe this series is better as a family read-a-loud. I knew my older two children, especially River, would love the books if it were not only for their graphic presentation. What I knew they would especially like was discovering the mystery that unfolds. The topics are intense, meaning there is a lot of information that is crammed into those little books. I say that only to note they are topics that should be discussed together, because I’m figuring if I don’t quite have a handle on the material, then they may have some questions also; and I did.

The books can be read on the surface, but have so much more for someone who wants to know more details about the books of the Bible and how everything came together.

We use Apologia’s What We Believe Bible series and this series of books will compliment that study.

The iWitness Biblical Archaeology, New Testament iWitness and Old Testament iWitness books are available for $14 each. Although it is not necessary to purchase all three books, they work well together to tell the story.

You can read more reviews of this item by fellow crew members on The Homeschool Crew Blog.

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