My Student Logbook {TOS review}

We reviewed the My Student Logbook Horses cover created by My Student Logbook.


Homeschoolers are very creative when it comes to finding a solution to a situation. I have a tendency to gravitate towards products designed by homeschoolers. It takes a homeschooler to truly understand the needs of a homeschooler when it comes to products that promote organization and efficiency.
My Student Logbook is written for homeschoolers. When I say that, I mean it takes into consideration all of those little things we experience during a school year when it comes to record keeping. The logbooks can be used by any type of family, but if you are a homeschooler, then you will like what you see.

The student log books are for students in second grade and older. They come in two dated manners, one dated and one undated. Since the dated version began at August 2014, I chose the undated one, because I wanted it to coincide with when we actually started school, which was after the first of August.

The undated version gives you more of an opportunity to customize the log book for the use of your student. I’m all about customization, which I think is a characteristic of homeschoolers. The customization continues further with the variety of cover choices for the log book. I was so excitedmy_student_logbook02 to see the Horses cover that was available at the time of the review. I knew my daughter would be the one to review the product and the addition of horses would only make the review and the product more enjoyable for her to use. Unfortunately, the Horses cover is no longer available.

This school year, I have been trying to figure out ways to better present assignments to my children. I want them to be excited about doing school and not have the task of managing their work being a chore. In the past, we have used independent binders, but it is time to move away from those. This year, I decided to give them the lists of their assignments for each subject, but it still was not what I wanted. I want them to be able to take each day as its own and manage and concentrate only on the work for the day without having to be concerned about what is coming the rest of the week.


My Student Logbook allows your student to see the day (and week if you choose to further list) and the tasks she needs to complete. There is some preparation before presenting the book to your student, but it is not time consuming. Also, the amount of time you will save in the future is worth the minimal effort.

Watch this video to get a better visual idea of how to put the logbook together and how it works.

Lily is a writer, loves organizing things and notebooks/journals. My Student Logbook allows her to do all of those things. Your student does not have to be any of those things. My daughter just happened to enjoy doing all of those things. The logbook is created for efficiency for both the child and parent, so your child does not have to spend a lot of time using it. My Student Logbook works as a tool to help the student work more effectively throughout the day.

I filled out the daily tasks for Lily to complete. This gave her a guide for what she needed to accomplish. She was able to see her day and plan her path to completing everything that was assigned to her to complete.

I like the My Student Logbook primarily, because it promotes independence in your child and allows for more organization regarding presenting assignments to your student and better record keeping for what has been accomplished. I think some of the biggest pluses are that your child is moving more towards becoming independent, more organized and a manager of their time.

I think the added choice of cover selection was a mom decision and a good one. There is no better way to make something more appealing to a child than to include with it something they like.

The My Student Logbook is available for $15. If you have a high school student, then My Student Logbooks can also assist you with your transcript record keeping. If you don’t have a high school student, then it is still good to start seeing what resources are available to you, because that time will come sooner than you realize.

You can read more reviews of this item by fellow crew members on The Homeschool Crew Blog.

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