Wizzy Gizmo: Audio Drama One: Who Created Everything? {TOS review}

Wizzy Gizmo ReviewWe reviewed the Audio Drama One: Who Created Everything?, which is published by Wizzy Gizmo.

With a title like Wizzy Gizmo, you may not really be sure what to expect. One thing for sure is, with a name like that, there has got to be some kind of fun; and there is fun.

Wizzy Gizmo is a company that was founded by two fathers, Justin Cummins and Chris Del Aguila, who have eight children between them ages five through 13 years old. They may have had their children in mind when bringing the main character, Wizzy Gizmo, to life, because the stories are geared toward children ages four to 12 and Wizzy Gizmo knows how to speak to children.

Cummins and Del Aquila note that Wizzy Gizmo is not a wizard as some may assume, but rather a technological wiz and professor, who invents “fun and fantastic gizmos”. Another point they make is that Wizzy Gizmo is a lover of God.

Wizzy Gizmo is also the name of the bible audio dramas, flashcards, books and so much more from the company that was created to help children explore God’s Word with the hope of equipping them for life.

We had the opportunity to review Audio Drama One: Who Created Everything?.wizzy_gizmo01

The CD is 36 minutes long, so my children were able to listen to it in one sitting. The listener is introduced to Professor Wizzy Gizmo and the group of children – Eli, Olive, Summer and Thomas, who help move the story along. Professor Gizzmo has created a machine called the Gizmovision that enables its users to journey through the bible. Between the professor and the children, the experience is exciting, amusing, educational and a lot of fun.

My children are seven, 10 and 12. They all were interested enough to listen to the CD through its entirety. I will admit that I lost my oldest for a moment when some of the songs were sung, but he withstood it, so he could hear what happened further in the story.

I love watching my children listen to audio dramas just as much as I love seeing them read books. I think audio dramas cause children to have to pay attention and concentrate more, because they are not often able to hit the rewind button (even though we could) as they are able to reread a page to understand. It is amazing how much they comprehend from just listening.

I would have to say that my only complaint is that 36 minutes was too short. Even though you already know what happens in the bible, you want to see what happens through the story telling of Wizzy Gizmo.

I chose the audio drama, because my children enjoy listening to stories. I think that this is one product where it would be great to have the series in both audio and book form. Although we did not review the book, the products offered look like something children would definitely enjoy. It will be exciting to see what additional products come from this relatively new company.

I would say if you have young children, then Wizzy Gizmo is definitely something you should consider adding to your classroom or bible study time. It is a different approach and can be used everywhere you go (at home or in the car). It is a way to take advantage of some idle time that occurs between helping more than one child with school work or during those long rides in the car.

You may listen to some samples of Wizzy Gizmo Audio Drama One: Who Created Everything?.

Wizzy Gizmo Audio Drama One: Who Created Everything? is currently available for $14.99.

Learn more about Wizzy Gizmo on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You may also see more video.

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