UberSmart Math Facts {TOS review}

We reviewed UberSmart Math Facts created by UberSmart Software.


I love all of the new “fandangled” computer and online programs that I have to choose from for using with my children to further their education. Some have just enough activity along with the material the children are supposed to learn, while others go overboard. UberSmart Math Facts is one of those programs that take you back to the basics in presentation. There is no singing and dancing; cute characters; or multiple colors. The student is presented with math and, hopefully, that is what he concentrates on when completing the work.

UberSmart Math Facts is a downloadable, Windows-based software program, which means you keep it forever and the child has no needs to go online to use the program. It is geared toward children in kindergarten through sixth grades and also by children who need math facts reinforcement. It is suggested the program be used daily.

Another good thing for people with larger families is the program allows you up to eight users. You may also run it on multiple computers, but student score maintenance is particular to each computer.

With all the studies that show the positive effects that memorizing the math facts has on students, there really should be no doubt that memorizing the math facts is an important part of learning math.”

They do justify their statement, so you have to decide if that is the approach you want to take with your student. Although UberSmart Math Facts does not teach the concepts of the math facts, according to its website, it is reviewing the possibility.

I wanted to review Math Facts, because I wanted Canyon to have a resource for reviewing his addition and subtraction facts. He was able to use the program independently, which freed me up to work with my older children while he reviewed.


There is an assessment test you are able to give to your child prior to beginning the program. There is also a mastery test they may take after completing the flashcards.

UberSmart Math Facts gives students beginning practice using dot cards and with keyboarding, and intermediate practice with flashcards. Students who enjoy drilled exercises or beating the clock will get a kick out of using UberSmart Math Facts.

Teachers are able to track student progress and customize student settings for problem solving times.


I was looking forward to the dot cards, because we use them as manipulatives with our math curriculum. The only thing is, the dot cards were not as easy to understand as I thought they would be. It took me a while to get a handle, so I decided to move back to what I know and what Canyon would easily understand. We used the number cards. I will be going back and using the dot cards with Canyon, but wanted to start him with the approach that is more familiar to him.


The keyboarding exercises are straightforward. They were good practice for Canyon and especially helpful since the exercises are timed and having a good knowledge of where the keys are located on the board improves time efficiency.


The math facts may be practiced per number from zero to nine.


Your student may also practice with a combination of numbers of zero to nine. If the students get a wrong answer then the correct card is presented.

UberSmart Math Facts is a good program for practicing math facts. Since it doesn’t teach the concepts, it would work well as a supplement to a full math curriculum. I like the convenience of having a student working while I am able to assist another. The fact the program is downloaded is also nice. I don’t have to worry about any weird online pop-ups while they are using the program.

UberSmart Math Facts may be purchased for $24.95 as a download program.

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