Mathletics by 3P Learning {TOS review}


We reviewed Mathletics by 3P Learning.

When I learned that we may have an opportunity to review another 3P Learning product, I already knew that it would be something my children would enjoy. Several TOS cruises before, we reviewed Reading Eggs, which is another one of their online learning programs. To this day, my children verbally lament about missing Reading Eggs, while I do so silently. It is a great program and Mathletics has managed to keep the praise of that company alive in our home.


Mathletics is an online math curriculum that was created to be used as a supplement to your math curriculum for kindergarten through twelfth grades. It may be used on a computer or an iPad. We were (really my children) pleased to learn that Mathletics may also be used on an iPad by downloading a free app for the program. The functionality is not as complete on the iPad where passwords had to be entered each time they logged in (passwords aren’t able to be saved when using an iPad). That was totally minor to my children. I think they were happy just to be able to use their iPads and call it school.


My children spent an enormous amount of time using Live Mathletics. They would start their morning, after breakfast, and play a round against students all over the world. The international competition was too much for them to miss out on. This was truly the highlight of the program for my children.


Being able to compete with students from around the United States and outside of the country was a great challenge. Every once in a while I heard some grumbling only because another student (somewhere) had knocked them out of the first place standing. My children often ranked number one, but felt the steep competition from students in America as well as in the United Kingdom.


If no competition can be found anywhere in the world, then your child plays against the computer. When I asked them to spend some time using Mathletics, I met no opposition and they willingly logged on.


Program users strive to accumulate 1,000 points each week to earn a certificate for their achievement. Each Sunday, points are zeroed out and you start accumulating them all over again for the new week. If your child spends at least 20 minutes, three days a week on Mathletics, then obtaining 1,000 points is quite easy.


Earning a certificate may give your child a sense of accomplishment. River and Lily liked that concept and were more concerned with accumulating points rather than the first place title they received against other players/students.

Now, if you have a child who loves math, but may not enjoy competing against others or a clock, then Mathletics still has something for your child.


mathletics08Mathletics is also available offline through the Instant Workbook feature. The content available there is also for kindergarten through twelfth grades with printable workbooks for students and teachers. I like this feature, because it gave a reprieve from the computer and they were still able to learn.

Students are able to complete workbook exercises like space and shapes; time money data; to operations with numbers for younger children all the way to algebra and trigonometry for the older student. There are 13 series with six levels of study. The early years are series A-C; the middle primary are series D-E; upper primary/lower secondary are series F-H; lower secondary are series H-I; middle secondary are series J-K; and upper secondary are series L-M.

There are seven areas throughout the series where children may learn (and play). River, as a sixth grader, and Lily as a fourth grader had access to all of the areas except Spellodrome in the Common Core States standards of their grade section. Spellodrome is an additional price of $39 for one license for one user.

The teacher is able to choose lessons that following Common Core by grade level; AERO; DeDEA; by states including California, FLorida, Illionois, Texas, Virginia and Washington.

Some of the other features that I like for me as a teacher are the ability to assess my children to see where they aremathletics09 academically regarding math and the student status reports that are e-mailed to me. Being able to pinpoint areas where your child is doing well versus areas that need improvement help you know the direction to continue with his instruction. I also like that the online communication with domestic and international students they compete against is limited to just a visual of the name of the student. They physical location in the country and chat features are not included.

There are so many online options for continuing education, but I really prefer my children to do the majority of their school work offline. On the other hand, I have been introduced to some good online resources that are a nice supplement to what we work on regularly. Mathletics has been a good addition and one where my children are having fun while still learning while using.

If you are considering adding an online math supplement to your school, then you may want to consider Mathletics. You may obtain a 10-day guest pass to try out Mathletics to see if it is right for your family

Mathletics is currently available for $59, which gives one child access for one year.

Learn more about Mathletics on Facebook and Twitter.

You can read more reviews of this item by fellow crew members on The Homeschool Crew Blog.

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