Essential Skills Advantage {TOS review}

We reviewed Essential Skills Advantage.

esaEssential Skills Advantage is an online reading and language arts program geared towards students in kindergarten through sixth grades. I would say that if you have an eager learner in pre-kindergarten or a struggling reader above the sixth grade, then Essential Skills Advantage may also work for them too.

The program is interactive and covers several teaching areas like fun with spelling, phonemic awareness, reading comprehension, sight words and super phonics. The activities are presented to the student in a spiral-like manner. This helps ensure they understand what is presented to them and provides a visual of the progress they need to make to obtain that goal of completion.

There are a number of parental features that include progress tracking; at-a-glance monitoring of use and number of completed programs; certificates and giveaways that can be downloaded for the student; and even customized lesson plans where you decide what activities your child does.

Initially, logging in was confusing, because students enter their working area through the parent account. After figuring that out, it was easy.


After logging in through the parent are, this is the screen you will see. From this point, you select the area the student will be using. You will be redirected to where the student enters his account information.


I had Canyon work in the first grade complete reading section and start at the beginning. He was able to work through the program independently, which I totally love. That gave me time to work with River and Lily and he was able to still learn something without me having to sit by his side.


There is such a variety of activities to choose from, which gives the student many ways to practice the presented concepts.


The word search game is one of Canyon’s favorite exercises. I like that the activities were not busy work, but ones from which he could actually learn something.

My older two children who eat books. I like book eaters, because they read a lot of books. Canyon, my youngest is not at that point yet, but I sense he will be right up there soon reading and “eating” books just like his siblings.

We have an offline reading curriculum that we enjoy, but every once in a while, it is nice to add something to the mix of the every day. Typically, I do not head to the computer for that something extra, but Essential Skills Advantage promotes learning with some fun into the academic equation.

I like Essential Skills Advantage. The activities are thorough and there are enough of them for Canyon to use throughout the school year. This may be silly, but something that is a determining factor when considering online programs is the voice of the instructor/narrator/guide through the lessons. The voice was fine and not an annoying automated one. To make it even more pleasant, there are sounds of birds chirping and other nighttime (what I usually hear at nighttime) creatures. It is more pleasant that that reads.

We received a one year subscription. This is the first time that I can remember where I’m considering extending our use. Essential Skills Advantage is offering a 50 percent discount off of the membership with coupon code TOS50 through October 1. I may renew that for one more year.

If you would like to see if Essential Skills Advantage will work for you family, then try it free for 14 days before you are charged. Before you start that, try some sample exercises.

Some other offerings from the company include the following:

Essential Skills Advantage has started to offer a sponsored version of our program that is completely free. You may sign-up at ESA Learning. Members can enjoy access to every course ESA has to offer, but there will be sponsored advertising and some of the available features will be missing.”

Essential Skills Advantage Premium Plan may be purchased for $9.99 per month or see the special above.

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