Hewitt Homeschooling: Lightning Literature and Composition 7th grade


We reviewed Lightning Literature and Composition: Grade 7 Student’s Guide; Lightning Literature and Composition: Grade 7 Student’s Workbook; and Lightning Literature and Composition: Grade 7 Teacher’s Guide books, which are published by Hewitt Homeschooling.

Let me start off by saying, the Lightning Literature and Composition: Grade 7 books I received were not my first choice of review item. Let me continue by saying, I am so glad that I received what I needed instead of what I wanted to review.

As my children have gotten older, I am slowly realizing the value in not just reading a book to finish it. If given the opportunity, a book can speak volumes (apologies, but at least I didn’t say chapters) more to you if you take time to study it as you read. Hewitt Homeschooling provides that opportunity to your student. Along with that, they are introduced to some classic works of literature that may foster a love of reading if they do not already have the passion.

The curriculum is geared towards seventh and eighth grade students although there is a literature and composition curriculum for eighth graders.

The books/stories that are studied during seventh grade over the course of one school year include The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain; Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll; All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot; The Story of My Life by Helen Keller; and “The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky” by Stephen Crane, “Rhyme in Poetry”, “Rikki’Tikki-Tavi” by Rudyard Kipling and “Sound in Poetry” in the book Stories & Poems for Extremely Intelligent Children. There are not many titles that are covered throughout the school year and that is because the student will take time reading the books and also studying the stories they are told.

hewitt01When purchasing the set of books, I think it is important for you to also purchase the teacher’s guide and not just the books for the student. The teacher’s guide walks you through how to use the books; discusses the benefits of reading and the course; provides weekly and full-year suggested schedules (see sample); and contains the answer keys to the comprehension questions {see sample}.

Writing is important for so many reasons. Very few people become professional writers, but every day people write essays for college reports for work or letters to family, newspapers or politicians. Learning to write clearly, powerfully and with depth will help your students succeed in all these endeavors.” ~ Elizabeth Kamath, Lightning Literature and Composition

The curriculum gives the student a lot of opportunities to practice his writing. It is not necessary to complete all of the writing assignments for your student to benefit and enjoy the curriculum, but as a mom who loves writing and wants her children to hone the skill, it is plenty of writing to satisfy me.

The curriculum may be completed independently. We balanced between River doing some silent reading and occasionally reading to me with The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. We sort of followed the schedule that had him reading through the entire book and then completing the assignments. The teacher’s guide suggests reading the book over a six week period. I’ve got a reader, so it didn’t take him that long.

The introduction in the student guide for each study includes a mini-biography about the author, which is helpful to the student if he is reading works written by someone with whom he is not familiar. The guide is just that and guides the student through the work. There are vocabulary words and comprehension questions the student covers while reading through the book. I had him write (of course) his answers the comprehension questions. In the Tom Sawyer section, the student is given three writing assignments from which to choose one. I had him chose two, but they were completed on different days. Again, this is not a writing intensive course, but the material is available if you want your child to do more writing.

In the student workbook (see sample), there are multiple choice questions, paragraph writing assignments, critical thinking and grammar exercises and some fun with word searches and crossword puzzles.

River enjoyed working through the curriculum and the fun exercises at the end made it more appealing. I like that the Lightning Literature and Composition curriculum is thorough in its study of the novel, but does not overdue the analysis. One can study a book to death, but Hewitt Homeschooling takes the student in far enough without losing him in all of the extra work that some other similar studies do.

Hewitt Homeschooling is one of those companies where I am glad that I learned about them now. We had the opportunity on another TOS cruise to review their My First Reports series, which is excellent for the younger student and new writer.

Hewitt Homeschooling’s approach to literature is not unique, but I like the exercises that are included in the study. I had never considered this approach for Canyon, who will enter the second grade, but I like the new curriculum that Hewitt Homeschooling is developing for the younger student along with the good variety of learning options it already offers.

Hewitt Homeschooling pricing is as follows: Lightning Literature and Composition: Grade 7 Student’s Guide is $20; Lightning Literature and Composition: Grade 7 Student’s Workbook is $20; and Lightning Literature and Composition: Grade 7 Teacher’s Guide is $20.

Learn more about Hewitt Homeschooling on their blog; on Facebook and Twitter.

You can read more reviews of this item by fellow crew members on The Homeschool Crew Blog.

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  • Comment from Meg

    We also reviewed the 7th grade one. Their approach really impresses me – and really like the chapter-by-chapter approach. Another of my boys is using another well-known and much-loved-by-homeschoolers literature program, and while I do like it, I am leaning toward switching him because of how Hewitt sets things up.
    Meg recently posted..Over the Allegehenies to the Ohio Valley – Fort Necessity

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