Learning Wrap-ups {TOS review}

The first thing I thought when I visited the Learning Wrap-ups, Inc. website was, “learning by using a key and string. This looks interesting.” After visiting LearningPalette.com (see demo), which is a physical product and online resource created by Learning Wrap-ups, Inc., I thought, “Oh, this looks like a lot of fun.” I was correct in both instances and was introduced to a variety of products that were birthed from a fourth grade teacher’s desire to make the task of learning multiplication facts easier for her students.

That vision has grown into a company, Learning Wrap-ups, Inc., that offers Wrap-ups in subjects like early childhood, keyboard theory for the piano, pre-algebra, science, sight words/ESL, Spanish and vocabulary. Another hands-ons manipulative is the Learning Palette, which also has a companion online location at LearningPalette.com.

We received from Learning Wrap-ups a very generous box of their products to review that included the 5th Grade Math 1 Base Center Kit; the 3rd Grade Reading 1 Base Center Kit; Math Intro Kit w/o CDs; Vocabulary Intro Kit; 10 Steps to Addition Mastery book; and 10 Days to Multiplication Mastery book. We also were given access to the online Learning Palette. There is a lot of learning potential contained in the products for children in kindergarten through fifth grades for which the products are geared towards. Math targets kindergarten through fifth grades and the reading targets kindergarten through third grades.

Since you’re probably wondering about the key and string, the picture above shows a Wrap-up key for studying antonyms. The keys are made of a hard plastic and the string is just as sturdy to endure the amount of times your child will want to use the Wrap-up to wound and wound answers to the bottom of the key.

The other vocabulary keys we received are compound words, homonyms and synonyms. The math keys we received cover addition, division, fractions, multiplication and subtraction.

After River showed him what to do, Canyon was able to complete the addition math key by himself. An early challenge for him was ensuring the string stayed on the previous answer as he worked his way up or down the key to the next answer. Once he figured out how and where to hold the string, it was no problem.

This is what a completed Wrap-up looks like. Canyon completed the key by pulling the string through the notch at the bottom of the key, which helps hold the string in place after all of the work is done.

If your child wants to see if he wrapped the key correctly, then all he has to do is flip the key and the string strokes are imprinted on the backside of the key.

Lily did not spend as much time online as she did using the physical items. She enjoyed using the Math Wrap-up keys and the physical Learning Palette.

The fifth grade math kit comes with a Learning Palette (LP) base; six curriculum packs that each contain 12 cards with more than 800 questions and answers. Math topics cover advanced decimals and percents; advanced fractions; advanced whole numbers; algebra concepts; geometry and measurement; and probability and statistics. The third grade reading kit comes with an LP base; five curriculum packs that each contain 12 cards with more than 700 questions and answers. Reading topics cover grammar; prefixes and suffices; reading comprehension; synonyms-antonyms and homophones; and vocabulary.

Above, you see Lily working on the question side of a card.

When you flip the card on the LP base, then the student is able to self-check their work. Each question has a matching circle shape that is either full or partial as shown in the above picture.

Some people just get so excited when they get everything correct using Learning Palette.

The Learning Palette Lily enjoys using is also available online, which is how Canyon preferred using the product. He spent most of his time in the math section moving from the basic lessons to level one.

When you enter the LP online, you are given the option of reading (three levels/grades) or math (five levels/grades).

The online instructions on how to navigate through the program are easy to understand. I kept myself available for Canyon for reading through new lessons and ensuring he understood what to do.

Canyon went back and forth using the online program and then to the manipulatives. In the morning before he began his table work, he logged in at LearningPalette.com. The directions for how to complete the card are on the right side of the screen. The student may even check the accuracy of his work along the way.

After completing the card, the student may check to see if he answered all of the problems correctly. The student will either receive green check marks for the correct answers…

or a red “X” will appear where the answers are incorrect.

It seems that everyone gets a little bit excited when getting correct answers using Learning Palette.

Lily and Canyon are still enjoying Learning Palette and the Wrap-ups. They have been learning from the many activities that are included in the workbooks. Lily was able to work through the multiplication workbook independently, while I assisted Canyon. The material in the workbook helped bring everything full-circle with the different activities that were included.

I put Canyon on a schedule where he used LP online in the mornings and had the option of wrapping in the afternoon after completing his regular lessons. He would grab a Wrap-up key, find himself a comfortable chair and start wrapping.The Wrap-up keys were a good reinforcement for Canyon, who just started really digging into math this past school year. He really enjoyed using the addition and subtraction Wrap-up keys.

Lily did the same with the LP base. I let her pick the cards she wanted to use. Giving her that sense of independence brought more excitement for using Learning Palette.

Learning Wrap-ups and the Learning Palette bring fun to math and reading as the child is learning. I think the concept of wrapping is totally cool and I love that students have the option of either using the Learning Palette online or as a hands-on item. Seeing how both Lily and Canyon enjoyed the different options and were not forced to have to spend time on the computer to use the program. Although Lily enjoys using the computer, it was nice for her to be able to practice math away from the screen and enjoy the manipulatives. If you have a child who enjoys hands-on activities for learning, then Wrap-ups and the Learning Palette would both be good options to consider for your school.

Learning Wrap-ups, Inc. products are available as follows: 5th Grade Math 1 Base Center Kit, $71.99; the 3rd Grade Reading 1 Base Center Kit, $61.99; Math Intro Kit w/o CDs, $44.99; Vocabulary Intro Kit, $35.99; 10 Steps to Addition Mastery book, $12.99; and 10 Days to Multiplication Mastery book, $12.99. The online option for Learning Palette is $25/year for one user; $60/year for five users; and more options are available.

Learn more about Learning Wrap-ups, Inc on Facebook and Twitter.

You can read more reviews of this item by fellow crew members on The Homeschool Crew Blog.

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