Motivated Moms {TOS review}

I am in the habit of making a lot of lists for a house cleaning schedule that I can follow, but often end up with some items checked off, the list eventually being put aside and the housework never getting done on a regular basis. Motivated Moms is an organization and planning tool designed for mommies like me; ones who are trying to complete the many tasks that are involved in maintaining a home, while finding time for mom that involves some “me time.”

Motivated Moms comes in a paper planner form, Motivated Moms E-books, as well as is available as an app, Motivated Moms iOS App, that works on an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android. As tech-savvy as I want to be, I still like the good old piece of paper when it comes to chore chart or chore schedules. I think that it has something to do with the physical feeling of checking or crossing off a completed chore. With that, I chose the e-book version of the house cleaning schedule to review that is easily downloaded.

There are several versions of the e-book to choose from, where you really need to look through to choose the right one for you. Some come with chores already listed; half and whole page planners; you can plan per-day or a week-at-a-glance; and choose from color or black and white.

One of the reasons I really wanted to try out the chore chart by Motivated Moms is because of the daily Bible reading suggestions that are also included on some of the options. Surely, it should not take a chore chart to motivate me to read scripture, but at this point in my life, I need motivation to do so and having daily suggestions already prepared is the jumpstart for me that I needed to return to reading the Word daily.

There are quite a few daily/typical chores that I am used to doing like making the bed; load/run/empty dishwasher; and do laundry. Others, I may know to do, but forget to do and then remember days later like Clip children’s nails. There are also some chores that you would think I would remember to do more frequently just because it drives me nuts when I realize they are not done like refill liquid dispensers, which is one of the tasks that totally annoys me when I go to wash my hands and the dispenser is empty; and. The same thing happens with an empty toilet paper dispenser. The last person knows he/she used all of the paper. Maybe, if a refill roll is close by, then they will be more apt to refill (another chore) for the next person who quickly runs to the bathroom at the last minute with no time to stop by where the toilet paper is stored.

Motivated Moms also includes some chores on a regular basis that usually get done only when I see them being out of order, often get overlooked or never considered doing like 1) inventory refrigerator contents and plan meals around them; 2) Sort books/declutter/organize bookcase; 3) Pick!one!clutter!spot!and!work!for!30!minutes; 4) Work!on!baby!book/scrap!book/photo!album!; 5) and order free Equifax report.

You, as a woman, are also not forgotten during the week with weekly chores of pamper yourself and spend time on a craft/hobby. Within one week, you are not only gaining command of your home, but you are also tending to your personal needs. By the time you get through the year, you would have tackled every possible task that you should to run a well-managed home.

The funny thing about this review is that it took me a while after I downloaded the organizer to actually start using it. That is no reflection on the product, but instead on me. The fact that I actually needed to use it was a fact, but I didn’t have the motivation that I needed.

What actually got me on track was finally sitting down and plotting one day of chores. That was the best that I could do; one day at a time. After I got started using the chore chart, I really liked the idea of checking off a box to signify my completion of a task. Having chores already listed in the daily section eliminated the need for me to have to write them down every day. All I had to do was check them off when they were completed. I really love checking boxes.

It was nice having the daily suggested Bible verses to read for starting my day. I also like the side-by-side feature of the planner where I can see two days at a time. I was able to plan for the current day and easily add something to the following day, if there was no time to complete the task on the current day.
I may even move some of my daily chores to the lists I give my children.

The organizer helps you do just that; get organized, because everything you need to do for the day is listed and at your fingertips. As I become more app-savvy, I think that I would like to try the app-version of Motivated Moms, because I take my cellphone with me everywhere. Even so, I have a feeling that paper will still be my guide. I’m still a paper girl at heart when it comes to schedules.

The price is quite reasonable for the opportunity to get back on track with a house cleaning schedule.

Motivated Moms is available as an e-book for $8 and as an app for $.99 a month or $7.99 for one year.

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