IXL {TOS review}

I am a little more accepting of online learning programs, because of ones like IXL. We had the opportunity to review this program last year and when the opportunity came to work with the program again, I just could not say no.

IXL offers the perfect practice and review opportunity for my children in their math and language arts studies.

IXL offers math and language arts practice for children in kindergarten through twelfth grades. One of the special features that I love is that as a parent, you are able to see what material your child should know at his grade level. From there, you are able to tailor his use of the program to areas where he may need more practice. So when he completes the work, it is right on target for what he should be learning and in some cases, already know at his grade level.

You are also able to gauge their work against your state standards for both math and language arts. If you come across a required grade level topic and are unsure of what that is, then there are links that provide examples of the material. You are able to do this all the way from pre-kindergarten to twelfth grade for math and from the second through the fourth grades for language arts.

There are hundreds (really thousands – more than 2500; yes, a lot) of skills covered in the online program. If your child is excelling in one skill, but struggling in another, then you are able to choose a higher grade level and more advance skill for him to cover OR choose a skill(s) that provides the necessary review.

Lily, who is in the fourth grade, was the only one who was able to use the language arts section. Canyon is in the first grade and River is in the sixth.

We used IXL as a supplement to our studies. Being able to tailor their use of the program to match up with what they are studying offline is a great plus.

Canyon is doing first grade math, so I was able to choose skills that he was covering in his offline work. We started with the beginning level of skills for that grade level. It was really helpful for me to see all of the skills on one page of what he should have a good comprehension of at the completion of the first grade.

I had Lily work on her grade-level math, but I let her spend more time in the language arts section practicing and reviewing. Some examples of skills Lily was able to cover in language arts were homophones, punctuating dialogue (shown above) prefixes and suffixes and irregular plural nouns. IXl is working on offering more different grade level language arts.

Something that was also fun for me was receiving the e-mail reports of the progress that my children were making as they used IXL.

One hundred math problems may sound like a lot, but IXL makes working through the problems fun for children. If your child is like mine, then he may not realize that he is actually completing that many problems and learning along the way.

IXL really works to accommodate the student and his capabilities, which is something that I really like about the program. It is very specific in the topics that it covers. That makes it so easy for me as a teacher to have my children compete work that is specific to their academic needs instead of just doing a lot of general math problems and/or language arts exercises.

If you visit this math overview page or this language arts overview page, then you will be able to see how specific the exercises are to the needs of your child. You are also able to see how examples of the material are displayed, so that you, as well as your child, is able to see an example of what a section will cover.

Although IXL does not teach your children math or language arts, it definitely works well to reinforce math and language arts skills.

The interface is colorful, eye catching and manages to be attractive to children without all of the busyness.

If your child needs help in language arts or especially math, then I would suggest that you give it a try. If you visit any one of the grade level boxes on the IXL home page, then your child will be able to try out some of the skills that are offered.

IXL family memberships are available for $9.95/month or $79/year. See more benefits of IXL.

You can read more reviews of this item by fellow crew members on The Homeschool Crew Blog.

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