YWAM Publishing – Christian Heroes: Then & Now Jim Elliot {TOS review}

Youth with a Mission (YWAM) was founded in 1960 and started with the printing of Bible tracts that were distributed at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games. YWAM began printing and distributing books the following year to the Eastern Bloc countries and now distributes more than 2,000 books, CDs and videos world-wide.

The books focus on discipleship, educational training, evangelism, mercy ministries and prayer. Through the selling of products, non-profit YWAM serves more than 140 countries with a staff of over 17,000 volunteers in places like Brazil, Colombia, Egypt and China. You may read more about their efforts.

That is a lot of productivity for a company that I had never heard of. Who I did know of is Jim Elliot. Who has not heard of Jim Elliot? Well, my three children have not heard of Jim Elliot. I knew this was a good opportunity for me to share his story with them and that of the other men who served alongside Elliot in Ecuador through YWAM’s Christian Heroes: Then & Now Jim Elliot: One Great Purpose and the companion study guide, Christian Heroes: Then & Now Unit Study Curriculum Guide Jim Elliot that is part of the Christian Heroes: Then & Now series.

YWAM’s Christian Heroes: Then and Now series includes the stories of so many men and women who followed the lead of God and served in so many capacities in His honor. Their stories, you may already know some of them, are amazing and even challenge you to allow God to help you be all that you can be for Him as did the heroes. Elizabeth Elliot, Jim’s wife, is also a Christian Hero.


We received the digital version of both the novel and the study guide, which work hand-in-hand.

The novel is written to be read by children 10 years old and older, but instead of using it as an independent read for my older two children; we used the book and study guide as a read-a-loud. My knowledge of Jim Elliot has been through reading books written by his wife, so this was a learning experience for me as well.

I usually like to read through a book and be done, but the study guide is a nice compliment, especially for my children. Instead of just reading through the book and discussing what had been read, we were able to take the learning experience further.

I probably could have come up with my own questions, but I did not have to. There are 16 chapters and each one has study questions to go along with the chapter. The answers to the questions are also included in the study guide. Each set of questions include a vocabulary word and the page location in which the word was used. It was fun to try to figure out the definition of the word and then search for it in the book to see who was right. As an activity, it is suggested to use the word in a sentence. Before searching for the word in the story, everyone made a sentence. If the understanding of the word was incorrect, then that person had to make a new sentence after learning the correct definition of the word.

The study guide provides teachers/parents with a variety of other ideas like

creative writing; drama; essay writing; history and geography concepts; movie critiquing; and reading comprehension for enhancing the reading experience.”

I did prepare my children, prior to reading the book, by telling them that Elliot was killed. I don’t think that ruined the story for them and I just wanted them to be prepared before learning about the man. I think with them learning more about Elliot and how he heeded God’s call without concern for himself was a powerful message.

There are so many people today who continue to serve as did Elliot and unless your family is involved in missionary work, children really don’t get a good understanding of the sacrifices, but also the blessings that come along with serving for God and not self.

We really enjoyed reading through Elliot’s story. I like the presentation of YWAM’s material where it can be completed as a read-a-loud or as an independent study. Even the study guide activities (ex: student exploration section) are ones that can be completed by the reader independently. I will be looking through other study options for my children, because there are so many truly amazing Christian heroes whose stories they need to know about.

If the student would like to learn more about the Elliots, then there is a section of books and resources for learning more about Jim as well as Elisabeth.

Christian Heroes: Then & Now Jim Elliot: One Great Purpose is available for $6.99 (also for a Kindle, Nook and a Spanish version). Christian Heroes: Then & Now Unit Study Curriculum Guide Jim Elliot is available for $7.49.

You can read more reviews of this item by fellow crew members on The Homeschool Crew Blog.

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