Fundanoodle: I Can Write Cursive! {TOS review}

Fundanoodle is such a fun word to say, which I guess goes along with all of the fun products that they carry for children in pre-kindergarten through the second grades. I Can Write Cursive! is one of the products in the Fundanoodle brand was created by Carolina Pad, a North Carolina-based company that has been selling school supplies for more than 70 years.

Specializing in products that:

help fine and gross motor coordination, Enhance eye-hand coordination, encourage touch and visual exploration and promote problem solving, discovery and self-esteem

Fundanoodle is a “comprehensive handwriting development program” that provides products that will help a student in his handwriting skills as well as other activities in which he engages.

We had the opportunity to review I Can Write Cursive!, which is geared towards children ages seven (or second grade) and above. Students receive instruction on how to write both upper and lower case letters in cursive. Along with cursive writing instruction, a brief review of manuscript letters is covered at the beginning of the tablet.

A reference chart of the cursive presentation of the lowercase and uppercase letters is included that also has the manuscript version of the same to help students recognize the compatible letter.

Handwriting is a subject that is included in our school. I know that my children use handwriting in many of their other subjects, but I think that special attention should be given to the skill of handwriting. Yes, I believe that handwriting is a skill and also believe that it should be given more precedence in the classroom. Just as one can have bad or poor grammar, one can also have bad handwriting skills as well as poor pencil grasping skills. Both drive me nuts when I see them being used incorrectly.

How to hold a pencil and paper are my first two issues of concern. I like that Fundanoodle addresses these two issues on the first page of the tablet that is written to parents. The tips that are covered are how to grasp the pencil; paper placement; and paper stabilizing. Love it!

I have two right-handed children and one left-handed one that snuck into the family, but I believe that I will keep him. When I started teaching Canyon how to write it was a challenge, because I am right-handed and had to learn how to teach him the same steps as shared in the parent tips for a left-handed child. The tips cover bases for both hand-type of writers.

Since we do handwriting every day, I had Canyon complete one sheet four days a week. The first few sheets provide the child practice with becoming familiar and comfortable with the strokes of cursive writing. After the review, the student begins the cursive writing lessons working their way through the alphabet. You may see some sample pages.

It would be helpful if the student who uses the tablet knows how to read, because many of the assignments require the reading of words to complete the work. If your child is comfortable with reading on his own, then the curriculum will work well as an independent study. If not, then the work can still be completed by your child but you may need to stick around to read the words on the worksheets for him to do the assignment.
Some cute/nice features are the instruction for writing the letters:

Zoom up. Zoom down. Buzz up. Zoom down. Buzz up. Swoop,” for writing the letter “w” or ” Buzz around to the top. Zoom down. Swing out,” for writing the letter “a.

At the bottom of each page is a fun (and educational) fact for the student to read after he has completed the worksheet.

The writing tablet is very sturdy, so students may opt to complete their writing assignment with the pages attached to the book or pull them out along the perforated lines and use them on a sturdy and hard surface.

Overall, I think that Canyon enjoyed using the I Can Write Cursive writing tablet. I have always created the writing worksheets for my children and can see the benefit of using an established curriculum or study for a child to work through. Another plus for Fundanoodle is that the tablet, as well as many of their other products, are affordable. You may not feel like you are wasting your money on something that you could create on your own.

The I Can Write Cursive tablet is available for $8.99.

You can read more reviews of this item by fellow crew members on The Homeschool Crew Blog.

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