Grace Unplugged and Own It {review}

We all are passionate about something. Some of our passions are more deeply embedded in our hearts than others. Grace Trey is passionate about her love of God and the incredible amount of musical talent that she has been given from Him.

The talent is a blessing from God and also a one she received from her father, who in an earlier life was a part of the music scene. Grace, like her father, receives a chance of a lifetime, becoming a professional singer. With that opportunity also comes the challenges of her everything she knows as well as her faith.

Along with Grace, Melody Carlson challenges the strength of our faith. The real question is would you sacrifice your faith to achieve the extreme heights of a passion? Grace is presented with that challenge of living in the fast life of bright lights and stardom vs. living through that same life and maintaining her Christian values.

My nine year old daughter enjoyed reading Grace’s journey. Some little girls have big dreams of becoming singing stars and Grace Unplugged gives them a peek into a possible path they could be traveling if those dreams are fulfilled. All that glitters is not gold.

I think the biggest take away of this book is walking alongside Grace as she makes her way back to her true self. Without giving too much away, you will have to read the book to see where her journey leads.

Grace Unplugged is available from B&H Publishing Group for $15.99.

Catch it at the movies when Grace Unplugged the movie releases in theaters across the country on Friday, October 4.

A compliment to Grace Unplugged is the book Own It: Leaving behind a borrowed faith. In Grace Unplugged, we got to see an example of owning your faith. Own It takes readers deeper into what it truly means to be confident and aware of your faith rather than being a believer behind the footsteps of others.

We know who God is and of His awesome power, but when we take that knowledge and apply it to practical terms, the real world, and the experiences that we have, making that connection is often difficult. It is especially challenging if our foundation and relationship with God is one that has been built on the understanding of others rather than on what we know is true.

Michael and Hayley DiMarco have written a book that walks the reader through an understanding of the importance of taking a hold of your Christian belief and truly knowing what it means when you say that you believe and knowing what it is that you believe.

Own It is available from B&H Publishing Group for $14.99.

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