Flip Flop Learning: See It and Say It Flip Flop Spanish {TOS review}

See It and Say It Flip Flop Spanish, which is published by Flip Flop Learning, is a full, two-year curriculum that is geared towards students as young as three to adult, which makes it an appealing program that can be used by an entire family to learn a second or even a third language at home.

Teaching (and learning) a foreign language has been challenging only because many of the programs that are available have either been geared towards older students, which leaves Canyon (age six) out of the learning process or too elementary, which presents little interest for River (age 11).

Señora Gose is the creator of See It and Say It Flip Flop Spanish as well as of the company Flip Flop Learning and believes that “everyone should be bilingual.” She and her family are learning German as a third language. I agree that having the ability to speak multiple languages is possible.

Gose has made it possible with her Spanish curriculum that comes ready to use. The program comes with the following:

• 150-page curriculum manual (four semesters of lessons)
• Three sets of flash cards
• Four audio lesson CDs
• One dry erase paddle and marker
• Two flash card pages

The curriculum manual pages are even three hole-punched, which I was easily able to place in a binder for dedicated use.

There are 45 lessons that are “interactive, hands-on and simple.” Simple is just what I need when teaching a language of which I am unfamiliar. I took French in high school and college and the idea of learning (actually remembering) a new language has always been daunting to me. Something I kept in mind while using the curriculum is the following:

Practice your Spanish words every opportunity you have in order to train your brain to accept new vocabulary and grammar rules with more ease.” ~ Señora Gose

The lessons are written to be covered over a one-week period. Gose has broken the week into three-days, but as with most curriculums, you are able to make your own adjustments. The only thing that Gose is adamant about is covering each lesson three times.

We followed the three-day schedule, which worked just fine for us. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday were our foreign language days. With all three of the children completing the lesson, it took about 45 minutes to one hour for us to complete a lesson. We just took our time.

River and Lily liked the speed round where words are read in Spanish and the student has to quickly repeat the word and identify the card.

Repetition is important as the same weekly lesson is repeated on days one and two. The students follow the CD on the first two days and on the third day become the audio as they independently speak the Spanish they have learned from the previous two days.

There is a guide for planning the lessons to be used over a two-year period with semester one, lesson one to 12; semester two, lessons 13 to 22; semester three, lessons 23-34; and semester four, lesson 35 to 45.

You may be wondering how a curriculum can be appropriate for such a wide age range. It is possible and with that in mind, the curriculum may not take an entire two years to complete.

Gose makes accommodations for older learners by including writing and drawing assignments; breaking lessons up over more than one CD, so that multiple students can practice specifically what they need rather than having to listen through an entire CD; encouraging covering more than one lesson each week; and the opportunity to converse with Gose via e-mail to further practice their use of the language.

A real plus for early readers using the curriculum is the inclusion of pictures for learners, because Canyon is my new reader and some words may not be easily understood by him for reading.

See It and Say It Flip Flop Spanish has been a welcome addition in school this year. I know that we will continue using the curriculum through our first semester of school. It has provided a very easy way to introduce foreign language studies into our school with lessons that do not require a lot of time, are easy to understand and offer a straight-forward approach that does not require any prerequisites.

See It and Say It Flip Flop Spanish is available for $99.95.

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