Bash and the Pirate Pig {review}

If you can ever remember taking a summer vacation that led you to a place where you really did not want to go, then you can pull on those memories and imagine how Raymond “Beamer” Boxby felt when he had to spend time on a farm.

Raymond enjoys spending time around the house, indoors, playing video games and leading a sedentary lifestyle. Because his parents want more for him, they decide to send Raymond to spend time with his Aunt Tillie, Uncle Rollie and wilder than ever younger cousin Sebastian “Basher” on their Ohio farm.

Raymond unwillingly accepts the plans for his summer, referring to his parent’s decision as like being sentenced to hard labor. What makes it even worse it that, although his cousin Bash is younger than he (only by a few months), Bash has a unique way of always getting into trouble and loves playing tricks.

The fun begins when Raymond, affectionately called “Ray-Ray Sunbeam Beamer” by Bash, lands on the farm.

Bash and the Pirate Pig is geared towards boys ages eight to 14, but would be a good read for girls in the same age range. It is a quick read and leaves your children wondering what other adventures Bash gets into after the book is over. The humor in the book is fun and innocent and I even enjoyed reading through the pages that I did. Bash is a child you only want to read about and never experience in real-life, along with his antics.

An interesting twist is seeing how we come to realize that Bash’s behavior is motivated by what he reads in the “Farmin’ and Fishin’ Book,” what we call the Bible.

Author Burton W. Cole has written a book that is fun for his readers. Illustrator Tom Bancroft has done an excellent job of bringing the characters and the chapters to life with the pictures that precede each chapter. Looking at the cover, Bash looks like a busy kid and Raymond looks every bit annoyed.

I didn’t hold Bash and the Pirate Pig long before my oldest son grabbed it and started reading. One of his comments is:

“I thought is it was funny the way Bash acted, especially when he wrapped Jig in fly paper to see if a lot of flies could stick to him and carry him away.”

That may give you an idea as to what to expect when picking up this book.

Bash and the Pirate Pig is available from BH Publishing Group for $12.99

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