Reading Kingdom {TOS review}

Reading Kingdom is an online reading program that is geared towards children in grades preschool, kindergarten, first, second and third. It is based on a reading system that was developed by Dr. Marion Blank, who has a Ph.D in Medical Psychology. With more than 40 years of experience in the study of language and literacy, Blank is recognized by her peers as a top expert. Blank and her son, Jonathan, are the mother-son duo behind the creation of Reading Kingdom whose dream is to “bring literacy to everyone in the United States and help those abroad who want to learn English by creating easily accessible and highly effective education methods.”

Lily and Canyon had the opportunity to review Reading Kingdom and the first thing that they did before beginning the lessons was to take a placement test. The results of the assessment allow a customized learning experience to be created for the student based on their current reading and writing skills. Reading Kingdom parents are encouraged to not assist their child while he is taking the placement test.

We (parents) just love to help, because that is what we do. I was careful not to assist Lily (nine years old), but was close by just in case Canyon (six years old) needed some assistance. They both were easily able to follow the directions provided by the talking owl and were able to complete the test. The assessment seemed long and took both Lily and Canyon two sittings to complete. They used the program for at least 20 minutes a day. Although the test seemed long, I knew it was necessary for them to take, so they could begin at the level to properly use the program.

This is a screenshot of one of the type of exercises that Lily and Canyon covered on the first level. They are to select the same letters that appear in the word above the scrambled letters. Although this was something that I think is fine for Canyon’s grade/age, this type of activity was below Lily’s level where she was placed.

After the assessment, Canyon and Lily were both placed in level one. I would question that, because they are three grades different academically. Although I think that Canyon was properly placed, I believe that Lily should have started on at least, the second level. As she said it, ”I sped through the first level.”

She did say that the punctuation she covered on the first level helped, but there is also punctuation on the second level. Punctuation could have been reviewed there along with the new challenges instead of her having to work through skills she already had that were presented on level one. Much of the other lessons on level one, were more busywork time for her and we did not see a way to move her up without her completing all of the lessons in the level. See some sample lessons.

Each lesson is about 10 to 15 minutes long. Lily and Canyon completed at least two session per day. Sometimes, they would do three. Because Lily was placed in an easier level, there was not as much of a challenge for her using the program until she moved to the second level.

In the second level, she has had practice in punctuation, typing and reading. Clicking the keyword in sentences activity was one that Lily enjoy. Both Lily and Canyon liked earning pieces to fill their passports, which became animated each time a piece was added. After the student earns 6000 points, then everything moves. Once a passport is filled, the student advances to the next level.

The children enjoyed using Reading Kingdom and will probably continue to do so as a reading supplement. Now that Lily is on the second level, the program is becoming a little more interesting, because every once in a while, she is challenged. Maybe as she moves to the next level, her interest will continue to increase.

Take time and try the 30-day trial to see if Reading Kingdom is right for your family.

Reading Kingdom is available online for $19.99 per month. Scholarships are also available.

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