Bible Study Guide for All Ages: Primary Level {TOS review}

I have never heard of Bible Study Guide for All Ages and apparently, I am one of the few who have not. The curriculum was created in the late 1970s by Mary Baker, a mother of four, who filled a need after she was unable to find a Bible curriculum that would help her children understand the Bible and learn the lessons that were taught. Baker completed the first teacher’s guide in 1998. Over the years, Bible Study Guide curriculum has been developed and improved with the help of several family members that include Baker’s oldest son, Brian, who is a minister, daughter-in-law Julie Baker, an educator and Lorie Jones, who is also an educator.

One of the special features about Bible Study Guide is that families are able to walk through and study the Bible together using the curriculum regardless of the age of participants. This would be nice if I wanted to have all three of my children (and me too) study together. Each level (ages 3 to kindergarten; first to second grades; third to fourth grades; fifth to sixth grades; teens; adults; and families) caters to the competency level of the student in that age/grade level.

We had the opportunity to review the primary level of Bible Study Guide, which is geared towards children in the first and second grades.

Included in the curriculum are the teacher’s guide, student pages, Bible book summary cards, a children’s CD song set and unlabeled wall map and timeline cards. We received everything to review except the unlabeled wall map and timeline cards.

The lessons are well laid out as far as progressing through the material. The order of how the material is presented is important. The material covers both the Old and New Testament to give students a chance to meet Jesus, who does not appear in the Bible until the New Testament, at the beginning of the study. This also keeps the material fresh for both the student and teacher, so that they are not spending an unending amount of time in one period of the Bible.

Any version of the Bible may be used with Bible Study Guide, which makes its appealing to all. The company is
adamant about presenting the “Bible and the Bible alone.”

The schedule we followed is the following:
Day One – I introduced the lesson, completed sections A and B and introduced the song for the lesson.
Day Two –Canyon completed sections C and D and reviewed the song.
Day Three – Canyon cover sections E and F and reviewed the song.

I am pleased with the Bible study curriculum that my older children use, but it is not something that I have been able to use with Canyon. The stories are fine, but the accompanying material is too advanced for him. Bible Study Guide for All Ages comes down to his level and it is a true Bible study and not just gluing together pictures. I have nothing against arts and crafts accompanying learning material. I just like that the lessons focus on God’s word.

I will say that I really enjoyed working through the curriculum. I was happy to not get bored ready through the material and completing the lessons.

I did note a few things that I think would enhance the presentation of the material. I do wish that the material was structurally laid out in a more organized manner. I did not prefer the legal-sized like pages that the student pages are on. I am just a standard book size type of girl. They were also loosely bound in the book, which is probably so that they may be easily removed for student use. That would have been fine if the pages were a standard size, where I would be able file them in a binder or folder without having to fold them to fit. I also would have preferred that the student book be bound or on a spiral binding as was the teacher’s guide. There was also a lot of page flipping while reading the corresponding material for the lessons. Everything for each section should be on the same page or at least have a manageable flow so that flipping is not necessary. These concerns are not worthy of not selecting the curriculum, but it is something to consider.

Overall, we loved Bible Study Guide and will continue using it through lesson 26, which is the copy we received. I have a feeling that we will continue with the study past that lesson, which is four units and 416 lesson long. Lessons 209-312 will not be available until spring 2014. You may see the order of study for the primary level. You may see more how Bible Study Guide brings everything together for the entire family.

Bible Study Guide Primary level is available to purchase as a full curriculum in the starter pack as a basic edition ($99.82) or as a premium edition ($145.68). You may also purchase the pieces individually.

You can read more reviews of this item by fellow crew members on The Homeschool Crew Blog.

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