Moving Beyond the Page: Number the Stars and State Government and Econmics {TOS review}

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Moving Beyond the Page is a unique literature experience. It can function as complete full year curriculum for your child or work as a great resource for individual unit studies on specific topics that may be covered throughout the school year. The curriculum is geared towards children ages four through 14:

four to five (coming July 2013)
five to seven
six to eight
seven to nine
eight to 10
nine to 11
10 to 12
11 to 13
12 to 14 (coming soon)

Material is offered in language arts, math (suggested curriculum), reading, science and social studies. Moving Beyond the Page manages to create a comprehensive learning experience where all of those subjects are combined showing how learning intersects across subjects and is not a bunch of different subjects that work independently.

We were given the opportunity to review the online language arts study for Number the Stars and the physical copy of State Government and Economics.

The Number the Stars study comes with a physical copy of the book. If you already own or have access to the book, then you may just purchase the online curriculum. There are prerequisites for the unit:

• Able to read and comprehend novels at a late 6th or 7th grade reading level
• Able to write multiple paragraphs on a topic
• Familiar with the five paragraph essay
• Usually used by children in the fifth or sixth grade

The prerequisites are not meant to dictate, but rather to provide a guide as to the competency level of the student who completes the units. I found that helpful and I also like that the units cross close to ages (ex: six, seven and eight and seven, eight and nine) rather than six to seven and seven to eight. Because of that, there are a lot of selections from which to choose.

Although Lily is nine, I selected Number the Stars, because the book is on her assigned reading list for the school year and I thought that she would be able to manage the work fine. Refer to this handy chart to better assist you in deciding where your child should begin.

The unit has nine lessons, a reading and materials list, student activity pages, a writing and grammar guide for the student to refer to, how to use guide, review sheet and a list of skills the student will be presented with in the Moving Beyond the Page language arts curriculum.

The online unit can be used independently by the student who may access the units online or printed out according to use. I let Lily read the book independently and then she would access our online account to work through the assignments. She enjoyed typing her answers online on the activities that had that feature where she was able to print her completed assignment after she was done.

Since I am heavy in the writing department, I really liked the writing assignments in the study. They not only covered a wide range of writing exercises/topics, but also editing symbols that I use professionally in the writing and editing that I do. I also liked the vocabulary section, because she was introduced to quite a few new words that she also eventually saw in the book.

I totally love how Moving Beyond the Page takes a regular book reading experience and enhances it with the activities and writing assignments. Lily was able to enjoy Number the Stars in a whole new way. I somewhat wish that I had opted to review the World Wars I and II social studies unit that accompanies the book just to see how the two worked together. Plus, I believe that is the beauty of the curriculum where you get to see how different subjects work together. The study allowed us to work through Number the Stars as more than just a silent read, but gave the book a chance to be more than just a book.

I am going to go through Lily’s reading list (and River’s) and see what other books may have studies to accompany the books on their lists.

Using State Government and Economics, River (and I) was able to learn about things like the federal vs. state government, the roles of the governor and lieutenant governor and learn about economics. The information that is presented is done so in an easily understandable manner and is a good resource for someone who wants to know better how our government is run.

The section on economics was quite informative and River especially enjoyed one of the activities that involved creating a budget with his $2,000 monthly income.

I had never heard of Moving Beyond the Page and am glad that I was finally introduced to the curriculum. Although, I will probably not use it as a full curriculum, I will definitely take advantage of it by using the literature units and individual studies on topics, because I found the state government study very helpful.

You may see the goals of the ages 10 to 12 curriculum, samples of the curriculum and how to get started with the curriculum.

Number the Stars online curriculum is available for $19.92 and State Government and Economics physical is available for $16.99.

You can read more reviews of this item by fellow crew members on The Homeschool Crew Blog.

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