Memoria Press: Geography I {TOS review}

Geography is fun. We enjoy it, because we get to learn about so many wonderful places in the world that there are to visit. My children and I also enjoy learning about the culture and way of life of other people in different regions on the map whether it be domestic or international. We have been studying United States geography alongside our history lessons and I had plans to finally go international when the opportunity to review Geography I, which is published be Memoria Press became available.

Memoria Press was founded in 1994 by Cheryl Lowe and is the publisher of classical Christian education material. The company is family-run and caters to the classroom instructor as well as the homeschool family. The material is created with consideration to the instructor not being familiar with the subject being taught. From that I have found the directions for use easy to understand and that the material is very comprehensive in what is taught to the student.

The presentation of Memoria Press products is always so nice. We received five books with glossed covered jackets that are well-bound books. The study includes Geography I: Middle East, North Africa and Europe, Geography I: Middle East, North America and Europe Student Workbook), Geography I: Middle East, North Africa and Europe Teacher Guide, United States Student Workbook and United States Teacher Key, Quizzes and Tests. The five books make up the Geography I bundle.

Although Geography I comes as a complete package with the five books, each may be purchased separately and the United States Student Workbook and United States Teacher Key, Quizzes and Tests books may be used independently of the international books.

Before we began, I took some time to read through how to use the book. I like it when the teacher instructions are straight forward and that is how it was when I read that section. The suggested progression through the material was to cover two to three countries per week. Since this was our first time really studying internationally, I decided to work through the material differently.

We followed this schedule:

Day one and day two – We read the information about the country on the two-page information sheet for each country. We discussed the flag a little bit more in detail and I had my child color his own copy of the flag. We also discussed the language of the people a little more and took a look at some of the major cities through online resources.

Day three – We completed the workbook page.

Day four – We dedicated that time to doing a little more online research that further enhanced what we learned about the country.

Although I added a few more items to our week of covering the geographical areas, it was not necessary. The material presented in Geography 1 is quite sufficient, especially for the target grade range of fourth through eighth grades it is geared towards. You may see some sample pages of the information page from the student workbook. A decent discussion can be had just from the information that is presented in the student textbook.

Since we have been studying United States history and geography for a while, I added the review worksheets provided in the workbooks on our fifth day (Fridays). The United States student workbook covers eight regions that are arranged in four sections of study. The study is really just as it says; a states and capitals review as opposed to a guide for learning about the states. If your child has been learning about the United States, then this is a great review for him. You may see a sample of the lesson presentation. The answers to the student workbook are provided in the teacher key, quizzes and test book, which I had to refer to more than I care to admit. This sample of the teacher workbook is for mommies like me.

We enjoyed working through both studies. I really liked how easy the instructions were to understand for completing the material. I don’t mind reading and studying to use a curriculum, but it was nice to be able to read some easy instructions and begin working with my child.

Geography I may be purchased as a complete package for $48 or the books Geography I:Middle East, North Africa and Europe ($14.95), Geography I: Middle East, North America and Europe Student Workbook ($11.95), Geography I: Middle East, North Africa and Europe Teacher Guide ($12.95), United States Student Workbook ($5) and United States Teacher Key, Quizzes and Tests ($7.95) may be purchased individually.

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